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  1. Hello everyone, I’m a member of a nonprofit making organisation and we are looking for ideas in obtaining sponsorship so thought I'd post here to see if anyone has some ideas that might help? Some details of the event: Each year, we organise a Bite Back at Cancer Black Tie Ball, the first Ball was held in 2007, in recognition of two popular divers, Vickie Herrald and Sally Pearson. This event has now become a regular date in our calendars, as a legacy to their wishes and in memory of their positive and loving outlook on life, despite the harsh cards they had both been dealt.
  2. Well, I've told the ex that I'll proceed with a process to see if we can "Transfer of Mortgaged Property" with Halifax, IF he pays any and all bank and legal cost involved. This is because I can see no reason why his request (or threat!) should cost me money. Our legal agreement back in 2009 didn't have anything noted/agreed to with regards to having the mortgage transferred to my name only and.or within any time frame to do so. Therefore, I've told him I'd be happy to proceed with Halifax to see if I'm able to transfer to the mortgage into my name only (TOMP) but only if he pays al
  3. That is very true, it's always good to get an outsiders (so to say) view on these things - thank you. I'll just reply to his email and hopefully I'll word it nicely but direct...
  4. Sounds like the ex can threaten to take legal action and me to court etc, but he won't get anywhere other then wasting his own money... Think I should still get my solicitors (who handled the original tranfer) to send him a letter saying nice try but you can't force the sale and then leave it at that. Hopefully, he'll get the picture and leave me alone then.
  5. Thanks for the replies, this is a great help! Yes, the mortgage is in both names. But the flat itself is in my name only. We brought the place together back in 2007 when the market was at a high. When we broke up in 2009, the flat was worth less then the amount owing on the mortgage. I paid the ex out (more so to get rid of him then anything else and it was only £3k to get him set up elsewhere so he could move out). It took me nearly 3 months to get him out and I thought £3k was worth my own space and sanity. We were never married (thank god) or anything like that, just BF
  6. Hi There, I was interested in your thread as I am now in this same position. The mortgage is in two names but the property is in my name only, this has been the case since 2009. The ex now wants me to refinance and said he will force the sale, if need be. I'm a concerned because I don't know where I stand and was hoping you might be able to help me with some information as you seem to have gone through this same position back in 2008. Thanks, in advance, for your time and help. Cheers Terri
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