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  1. Thanks. I did go on Scott and co website and it says they are sheriff officers. X
  2. hi there, ill try and keep this short and sweet. i have been paying back money to scott and co for 2 years. i have not missed a payment of £50 per month since setting up an agreement. however i had changed bank acounts last month, and my direct debits were to change over automaticly, all of them did apart form scott and co. they called my house and spoke with my flatmate. my flatmate then called me at work saying there was sherrif officers calling and i had to phone asap. i called them right away and realised the direct debit had not been switched over. i paid the money over the phone and appoligised and set up a new direct debit. After i had paid the money, my flatmate then phoned them back to ask if it was for council tax. the man then told him it was not for council tax but infact a student loan £4000 id had four years ago, that i was paying back £50 a month and the debt was down to £2500. (i couldnt afford to pay this untill i had a job after studying) I was furious they would give out so much information! i emailed them asking for a copy of their "code of confidentiality" and they have declined to do so, i have this in writing. i have then emailed the sherrif office compaints people to compain, and they have said that Scott and Co are not sherrif officers and are only a debt collection agency, and cannot help me with this compaint. where do i go from here?
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