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  1. Awaiting reply for my SAR request... and i think i know what my next course of action will be, thank you bigyeti!
  2. Sorry to hear that Helen, be careful when you do stop paying the fee they will keep taking it out and then multiply it by 5 the first chance they get... dont get upset tho remember how complicated interest was - we are fortunate really Anybody...?
  3. Hey,Yup, i should have recorded the coversation i had with them would have probably saved myself £150... it makes you question the sanity of the people who regulate these 'banks'; they are willing and allowed to lie to their costumers in order to take even more tax payers money (JSA in my case) ontop of the billions they have already been given. i honestly think they couldnt care less.
  4. Hi, I had an overdraft with halifax for a few years with a £500 limit. When i signed up to it, if i was close to my limit i would be charged a few pounds a month interest at most. Unfortunatly for me Halifax decided to 'simplify' my overdraft fees by changing it from a few pounds a month interest to a minimum of £28 (£1 per day) THANKS HALIFAX! As it happens i was unhappy with this and asked if i could make partial settlement of my overdraft - maybe around £30 a month.... - and close my account (i wasn't/am not in a position to pay off the amount in full - JSA claimant), ne
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