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  1. will I still be entitled to the back pay from the 14th week or do they take my DLA into consideration and count it, even though the dwp letters state that my DLA is NOT counted as income towards my claim for ESA (IR)? REALLY CONFUSED AN DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO OTHER THAN.......... "NOTHING":???: THANKS
  2. Thanks Nystagmite, but any idea on any backdated payments once I won my appeal that I was not fit for work and placed in the main stage WRAG? Am I still entitled to nearly 2 years of the extra component? Thanks
  3. Hi, I would be over the moon if someone could possibly give me any information on my dilemma Ok, back in August 2010 I was transferred from Income Support to ESA, I was in receipt also of low rate mobility which I received a 4 weekly amount and an extra £20 something included in with my Income Support. When I was transferred on to the new ESA benefit, I was told that I would continue to receive the same amount of benefit I was getting with Income Support. I finally, after many re-booked medical assessments got a decision stating I am fit for work. I appealed with the help of an a
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