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  1. CHeers d Do you think best to do nothing and see if they come back? Are Barclaycard being honourable and paying out more or less automatically? Is there a way that I can find out for sure how I applied etc?
  2. I had an egg credit card from 1999 to 2003, at the end of last year it was moved to Barclaycard. In 2003 i cancelled the PPI. It is so long that I cant be 100% sure why, but I think it was because I had been unaware that I had even had it up to that point. Although cannot be certain. I am unsure if I applied for the credit card online or over the phone, but think it was probably online, do Barclaycard have to tell me which method I used and whether it was one of the opt out tick boxes? I phoned b'card to commence a claim and they have now written to me asking for me to complete an FOS questionaire, because its so long ago I'm not sure how to answer this questionaire. They have stated that if i Do not complete this they will use the information they have to decide on my claim. Am I best to allow them to do this?? Now the matter is with Barclaycard are they paying out properly, where Egg wasn't always? Any advice on what to do next?
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