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  1. "Your recent payment has been credited against your fine and the Authroised Enforcement Agent informed. They will deduct the amount you have paid from the amount outstanding on the warrent. so the payment credited against the fine. which means the fine is paid of. Which means that any fees for outstanding warrent are baseless as there is no fine maybe someone else has come across this
  2. Quote "The Further Steps Notice is a legal requirement under the Courts Act and if you do not pay within the time stated on the letter the case is then referred WITHOUT ANY FURTHER WARNING to one of the 4 private sector bailiff companies. The Distress Warrant is issued electronically and passed to the bailiff firm. HMCS awarded contracts to the 4 companies to enforce unpaid court fines and in the contract details of the fees that can be charged are outlined. Currently, the admin fee is £85." is there is a list online of these charges and what is the legal situation given t
  3. No, I paid after I was given a timeframe to bring up to date, but before i receibed any notification of any further course of action they would take
  4. Similar rubbish from HMC had a fine for not wearing a seatbelt, went to court. Forced to pay installments, missed installment, received a letter from HMC to pay outstanding amount paid outstanding amount using website. Then received a letter from bailifs asking for £90 , and a letter from hmcs that said "With reference to a recently recived payment of £xx against your fine account. There is a warrant against this account currently with Phillips for enforcement of the outstanding amount due. Your recent payment has been credited against your fine and the Authroised Enforcement
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