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  1. just wondered how long you get to fill in the court questionaire ? i am at the money claim online stage and am about to submit it but i am going on holiday in 5 weeks for 2 weeks and thought that if i receive the court questionnare while i am away the case would be thrown out?? looking at peoples records seems to be about 5-6 weeks from MCOL to receiving the questionnaire which would clash with my 2 weeks away. any thoughts or advise much appreciated!! Thanks
  2. I have sent the initial letter, followed by my LBA, i am ready to go onto money claim, does anybody know the registered address for Barclays??? quick response appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have already won 3 lots of money back form Natwest but those accounts were open and i ordered the statements over the phone! I have been busy battling them since march! on with the next eh! i was trying to find the templates but was struggling
  4. Hi, i had a joint account with my brother but it is now closed, we estimate barclays charged us about 1k over 2 years. I called a number and the guy on the phone said i have to send a letter to leicester to request my bank statements. Do i have to send fee with the letter, does anyone have the address and is there a standard letter everyone sends?? I have the account number and sort code still. any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. submited my AQ to the court last week and this morning recieved a copy of cobbetts aq which said the following in the other information section: Case mangement directions cannot be proposed until the claimant serves the right to the reply for further information which was due on 7 novenber 2006. In the light of this, the defendent may amend its defence or apply to stike it out. Is this standard stuff? i sent the standard CPR 18 letter to them and have gone through all the steps correctly. I sent copies of all correspondance to the court also. Advise much needed as i am gettin
  6. Claimant has account xxxxxxx, sort code xx-xx-xx with Defendant from March 2003 conducted on their standard terms and conditions. Claimant is claiming the return of £1044.08p taken by Defendant in charges over three and a half years. The Defendant's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable as they are contrary to common law. They are also invalid under the Unfair Contracts Terms Act 1977 s.4 and under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.Para.8 and sch.2.1.e.In the event that the charges are not a penalty they are unreasonable within t
  7. 1)I have filled in all the AQ except the other information section, i have read the notes but does anybody have any exaples of the types of things they have put in to help their claim? 2)I sent the CPR 18 standard letter to Cobetts laong with letters and breakdown of charges and received a letter stating my Particulars of claim did not properly particularise my claim and they object to my allegation that the request in intimidating. Do i have to do anthing with this letter or is the CPR matter closed now? Last question, i received another copy of the defence from the local court, i
  8. Got the defence from Cobbetts and received AQ (small claims track) i have just printed off the standard cpr 18 letter which i will send to cobbetts but 3 questions regarding the AQ: 1) Do i have to send any money with the AQ? (amount is £1215 plus the £120 mcol) 2) I presume i am calling no witnesses other than myself ? 3) Other information section? do i need to put anything in here? if so what kind of things have other people put in? Quick reply would be much appreciated as today is the only day i can do this. Thankyou in advance
  9. Got another cheque from Natwest, 2 accounts paid up now, 1 still 2 go. If the claim goes to RBS Litigation team after MCOL they pay up (have done on 2 accounts) If the claim is over 1K it goes to Cobbets and they will try to defend (this is the sequence i seem to be noticing) On to the last and big one now, will donate once all sorted!!!
  10. got defence yesterday saying: We enclose by way of service: 1 Defence 2 Request for further information They are asking for CPR 18, I have the standard template saying that i dont need to fill the CPR 18 in (only £1,300) is that all i need to do? seems easy seen as they have sent 5 pages of defence and the CPR 18 request. Any advise much appreciated, also i have till the 18th Oct, shall i send the letter with a couple of says to go or get it out of the way and send this weekend? Thanks in advance
  11. I have had 2 from RBS and 1 from cobbetts. I think it depends on the amount, under £500 seems to go to RBS, over goes to cobbets! Myself and one of my collegues were both paid out within a week by RBS so you may get lucky soon!
  12. I have sent my prem letter and my LBA to natwest, they keep sending me letters saying they have passed it from department to department (i bet i have had about 5 letters saying they are still looking into it) they said they would update me with their investigationon the 27th sept. The LBA 14 days are up on Saturday 23rd Sept so i sent a letter back stating this, they replied saying we are still looking into it and will reply by 3rd Oct, that is 23 days!! The other 2 claims i have that are at MCOl stage were simple they just said no you can not have your money. Has anyone on here has simi
  13. I did an online claim for my girlfriend for over 1k and paid the £120, i made a mistake and called up for a refund as i had signed myself on the declaration. They said they would refund the £120 then i got a letter saying it had been posted to Natwest, I spoke to a lady who said it was too late and that it should be fine as I am allowed to act on behalf of my Girlfriend. This is going back to the 31st August, this morning a cheque for £120 arrived from mcol, have they cocked up and refunded me as well as putting the claim through or will they have cancelled the claim? When I log in t
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