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  1. Hi there, I would really appreciate some advice on weather my parking ticket will stand up in court. I was driving along a road and there was an unmarked police car directly behind me. I pull over into a disabled parking space, the police car pulls along side me and aggressively shouts "where's your badge mate" and then proceeds to give me a ticket for "parking" in a disabled parking bay. I claimed that I pulled over to look at the street numbers to find an address (I'm a taxi driver) This is not strictly true but in all honesty I was not aware it was a disabled bay, if I had got out of car the first thing I would have done would be to check, and then after discovering it was disabled I would have driven off. I wish I had said this to the police as this was the truth! Anyhow, my query is does stopping constitute as parking? I had litterally been there for about 6 seconds when he made contact with me. Am I being done for 'intension to park' or for actually parking? Any help would be fantastic:)
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