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  1. sorry posted my reply same time as you. our debts are not credit card/loan related so no PPI is not applicable. debts are due to trying self-employment in the construction industry when the recession hit us first time round and 6 months of no money coming in. rent, council tax, bank overdraft charges, owed NI fee's
  2. here's another point the letter is worded a "mechanically propelled vehicle", correct me if i'm wrong but if a vehicle has no engine it is no longer mechanically propelled thus is not a mechanically propelled vehicle but just a pile of scrap metal?
  3. what sort of fine can be expected for this, at the bottom of the letter it says upto 1000 pounds level3 ??? If they fine us this much then we will have to plead hardship as we are already upto our eye's in debt
  4. I was not informed about this new law, nor did I receive any letter offering me the chance to pay 100 pounds!
  5. hello, I have been advised by a friend to join this site and explain to you for help and advice as I don't know where to turn and feel completely stitched up. I received a letter the other day telling me I have to appear at Swansea magistrates court to answer a charge that I am the registered keeper of a vehicle that does not meet insurance requirements cont. to section 144(A)1 of the road traffic act. Firstly I tried phoning swansea mag. to see about getting the case moved to Cardiff as I cant afford to get to swansea never mind afford to take a day off for it, this faile
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