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  1. After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Equifax I was concerned to note that Orange had placed a "Default" against an account in my name. The default seems to be with regards to a missed payment of £25.52 for the month of June 2010. I failed to make the payment. I assumed that this payment would be added to my direct debit for the following month. I therefore made no arrangements for the outstanding payment since I am a direct debit customer. At the time I was on the paper-less billing scheme, I relied on the fact that my direct debit payments were being taken to assure me that I paid my due. I was therefore not aware of the fact that the outstanding amount had not been added to my direct debit and therefore was still outstanding. The situation remained in this fashion with me unaware of this outstanding payment. I was looked at my bank statements today and it appears that payments were taken for the following months but not for the outstanding payment. After 6 months in December my account was classified as defaulted and the credit reporting ends there. However it appears that the outstanding payment was taken from my account together with the payment for the month of January 2011. It seems to have been a policy change to take the total amount due by direct debit instead of the situation as it had been before. I therefore had been clueless of all this until today. A consequence of this sequence of events has been the detrimental effects this has had on my credit score. From 2007 there was constant reporting on my account, ending with a report of the account being in default at the end of 2010 with me being to this day in default of £51. This is incorrect. The reports state that I missed continuous payments from June 2010 to December 2010. This is a misrepresentation as the money should have gone out by direct debit. There are no further reports about payments to my account after December 2010 despite the fact that I am still with Orange mobile and have not had a late payment since. This gives the impression that I defaulted on the account and walked away in a very irresponsible fashion. This is not a fair portrayal of my account behaviour. Is there a way of getting this sorted out so that my credit score can be restored? any help is appreciated
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