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  1. Liverpool city council are pursuing me and my husband for unpaid community charges dating from this time 1991/1992.. .. They say a liability order was granted in 1995/1996 AND PUT IN THE HANDS OF JOHN CRILLY AND SONS BAILIFS....... .. I have been in dispute with the council over these claims for a long time me writing to them and them replying through the complaints procedure and out of the blue i started getting letters from a debt collection agency (newlyn) asking for me to pay and i wrote and explained to them that i was still in dispute with the council over this matter and asking the council to provide the liability order.. . After several letters going back and forth not getting any questions answered i have heard nothing since january of this year.. . Out of the blue yesterday a bailiff knocked (rossendales) at our door and said i owe x amount community charge and can i pay it.. ...i told him that we disputed the owed money and had been in contact with the council over this and as far as i was concerned thought it was sorted. He said he would sit in the car contact the council and write me a letter would post it through the door when he had done this it took him over an hour with him sitting in the car outside my front door... .. He never showed me any warrant or liability order and the letter states that hi is going off a liability orders dated feb1995 and april 1996. ..the letter also states i have 5 days to pay the outstanding amount also i must mention i am disabled and am worried that they might take my car...... Can they still do this if they cant show me a warrant or liability order i firmly beleive i do not owe this amount please please can anyone advise me asap thank you
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