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  1. I will certainly try for that then, lets see. Can you please advise on the defense counterclaim, what should I mention in my defense letter against the counter claim.
  2. I used my card and later tried to chargeback. The bank however declined it as I had authorised the payment myself.
  3. Please see my answers in red You say they have counterclaimed which includes for a day in Court ? Yes for a day in court and time spent to build a defence case. Can you confirm that there has not been any days in Court ? No there has not been any hearing yet. What they appear to be counterclaiming for is their costs and time for defending right? Yes
  4. Thank You for your response. No, I have not filed my claim against the landowner, its only against the PPC. Is it possible for me to file/include the case against the landowner in my court case at this stage when the court hearing date has not been decided yet. I also need your advise on how to file a defense case against counter claim?
  5. Hello Everyone, I need your advise, my car was clamped in April 2012 (under duress I was forced to pay £475 for the release of my car) and after my appeal was rejected by the clamping company I have filed a claim in small claims court. I have received a Notice from the court that a defence and counter claim (for £150, for time spent dealing with this case and also a day at the court) has been filed. I would like to defend the counter claim, can you please advise what options I have for defending the counter claim. Thanks in advance. Regards Bill
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