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  1. Thanks to everybody for the advice. To be clear, I have only requested the notes of MY meeting, nobody elses! I was brought up with relatively good manners, and asked this question on this site, in good faith, as it was always supposed to be a source of advice, some that you would want to hear, and of course, some that you wouldn't, which is fine. It is quite obvious that some of the comments made from individuals who have not read the original post properly. I would welcome an investigation about myself regarding assault, as there was another employee present at the time that the incident was supposed tom take place. iI didnt feel it neccesary to put this into the OP becuase if i had assaulted the other employee i would have stated that, and would not be asking for advice, as I would expect to have been sacked ten months ago! As previously mentioned, I agree with some answers and disagree with others, which, as stated, is fine, its sometimes about opinions taken from the details that i originally provided, but what irks me more than anything, is somebody who thinks that because they are hiding behind a keyboard, can tell me to 'keep my gob shut' or 'wind my neck in' would this person speak to me face to face like this ? Once again, thanks to all (but one) for your comments and opinions
  2. two more missed points.One of you comes across as a Troll by the way Surely I am entitled to have my grievance heard within ten motnhs, which is my original question
  3. Is this comment for real? I have approached my manager in the correct prescribed way with a perfectly legitimate complaint. It has taken ten months for him to do nothing and then ignore me (which is a form of bullying itself)
  4. Sabresheep, your comments are not pertinent or helpful at this stage. I havent mentioned wanting to know about any action, although I would ultimately be entitled to know that the matter has been 'dealt with' How could any action have been taken before the initial paperwork has been completed? My question on here, is how can I get my manager to stop ignoring my request for notes, and the get the matter progressed to some sort of completion. I also mentioned an allegation made against me regarding an assault, which hasnt been investigated either. Can a manager just decide to stop investigating and ignore correspondence, with no comebacks on him? I may be wrong, but this just seems as though he doesnt want to finish the case and hopes if just goes away.
  5. Sorry, misunerstood your comment. I would expect that the manager would complete all of the paperwork,and then make a decision on whether there was a case to answer for the other employee, and if so, take relevant action.
  6. Im not sure why you would ask me what I want to achieve. I am asking what I can do to make the manager finish doing his job, and if he doesnt, then what can I do about it. Its nothing to do with achievement.
  7. Hi all, I had cause in January of this year to raise a grievance about a colleague. To explain, I work alone on a long shift and take over from a person who has worked an identical shift during the previous night (ie we cover a 24 hour period) When I arrived, and he eft, I noticed that he hadnt performed the work that he was supposed to do. This had happened before, but on this occassion, I decided to complain about him, and took photographic evidence to suppport this. When my manager interviewed me, which was about 4 weeks later, he viewed the pictures, and also cctv footage, which I also had a view of, showed the person who I was complaining about, performing an act which would be described as theft. I wont go in to what the incident was, as it is not pertinent, but I upgraded my complaint of harrasment and bulying, due to him leaving me to do his work, to an allegation of theft. The manager did not interview the other employee until July, with no explanation to me as to why the timescales for grievance procedures had not been adhered to. Following the interview, the manager came and 're-interviewed' me in Septemeber. At the start of the interview, I asked if the other person had admitted to my allegation and the manager confirmed that he had indeed admitted it. When I claimed that this should surely be all that he required to make a decision on the incident, the manager said that it wasnt because the other employee, during the interview had made counter allegations about me. These included me allegedly holding him against the throat and threatening physical injury. He also gave the manager a number of random covert voice recordings of competely unrelated conversations between the other employee and myself. the manager said that even if they were damning towards me, that they could not be used as evidence. Since that date., I have sent three emails to the manager requesting a copy of the notes of this interview, and he has complately ignored all of them. Whwether it is pertinent or not, the other employee brings in a lot of revenue to the company by way of issuing ticket enfocement notices on cars. My question is, what can I do as an employee who works alone, and is not in a union to get a resolution to this issue? I have worked there for just over two years now. thanks for reading this
  8. Thanks for the response, the quick answer is we have no evidence of anything, I suppose if we did, we wouldnt be in this position. Im suspecting we should not go ahead with the hearing as, from what you are saying, we dont have any proper reason for the judge to set it aside.
  9. It was included in the bankruptcy, the new issue is whether my wife is liable, as we/she cannot recall taking out a joint loan, and thought it was a single loan for myself. she requested to see the original or copies of the original documents, and they havent provided this. My worry is turning up for the hearing and they suddnely produce these mystical documents, or would they have already provided them if they have them?
  10. I dont fully understand what you are saying, but assume you mean that she applied online to say that she would be defending, but then did nothing until after the decision. This was what she actually did, having no real knowledge of the court process, and was waiting for some sort of response to acknowledge the proposed defence, and as you know, the hearing went ahead in her absence with no notice of when it was taking place
  11. Sorry, I didnt put on the OP, we had ajoint account, but genuinely couldnt recall whether it was a joint loan or just taken out by myself, hence the request for the original documents, which have not been provided. Debt is approx £6,000.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for advice/comments etc please I was made bankrupt 3 years ago and within that bankruptcy was a loan to a building society. Recently a letter dropped through letter box stating that my wife owed the money and that it was going to court in northampton. Immediately applied on their online service to state that she would be disputing the debt and wrote to them with a request for the original documents to be provided, which they seemingly ignored, the next correspondence was a judgement made against her saying that she was liable for the debt. Have applied to the court (hearing this Thursday 14th) for judgement to be set aside. We genuinely cant recall whether it was a joint loan, or just taken out by me, and wife says that if proven that she will arrange to repay, but as we are not sure, we have taken this course of action. What prospects do you think that we have?
  13. There are wider issues that I have not mentioned in the original post. Suffice to say that he has been suspected by other staff of doing other things behind people's backs. I am not after general advice of how to deal with people, am more after advice on whether I am entitled to view the CCTV and whether he could be accused/guilty of theft.
  14. He poured most of the milk down the sink and left enough for his own tea/coffee for later. Was hoping for more mature responses than that. but I suppose it takes all sorts
  15. Hi all, Im probably in the wrong forum with this question, but hope that it can be redirected by a moderator ASAP. I work alone in a car park with on a rotation with three other people. I have recently been given the access code to the cctv, although I am not a supervisor, but am "regarded" as the most senior employee..... The other morning, I arrived at work, to an empty fridge, and i had called in the previous day and saw a four pint bottle there, had a look at the cctv and observed the man working the night shift pouring the milk down the sink and throwing the bottle away. He has never contributed to the supply of the milk! So, to my question,, ,am I within my legal rights to tell my line manager what I have seen, and is the man who threw the milk down the drain, potentially gultly of theft? thanks for reading, and i am looking forward to your responses!!
  16. Hi, I would appreciate any advice on whether I should appeal this PCN. My sister has been taken into a nearby neorological hospital after having a bleed on her brain. I went to the horpital to take along some clothes for her, but the car park had no spaces, i parked in what I later found to be a resident only area (didnt see the signs) due to me being more concerned with her. ...I left my car in the area for ten minutes and on my return, it had been 'observed' for six minutes and was ticketed. Is it worth me appealing this ticket, or am I between the proverbial rock and hard place? Thanks to all in advance
  17. Hi, my son was banned for drink driving before he even had a licence in 2004 and was jailed (rightly so). He has since been completely clean and requested a provisional in 2007 which he received with the endorsement on it. He has moved address twice since then and informed the DVLA of this without a problem. Last year he took driving lessons and applied for a test, passed his theory and then his full test, at all times providing his documentation (paper) to the test centre. Because he has not received his full licence in the post, he has contacted them to be told that because he has not taken a medical test, his licence is invalid. He is adamant that he has never been informed of this and his original provisional has the original photograph of him which was updated on each subsequent provional, so they know who he is. I hope someone can give me some advice to pass on to him, thanks in advance
  18. Hi all Im not sure if I am on the right section, but here goes My wife performs a cleaning role for a large religious organisation. Recently she was told that they were installing CCTV cameras in an area that she works in. The lady who took the minites of the meeting that made the decision, told her that the cameras were only being installed to be used 'out of hours' when 'vulnerbale' people may be present. Since the cameras have been installed my wife's supervisor has made two separate comments (which my wife has diarised on my advice) regarding members of the supervision team 'watching' my wife. My question to you is, what are the legalities surrounding this, and can my wife request that he cameras are switched off during normal working hours. Thanks in advance for any help
  19. I'm not suggesting any fabrication at all. I am not a doctor and have no medical backgound, but having a disciplinary investigation hanging over you, and as is stated fearing the sack, and then the manager not answering their phone to you, when that has been their chosed mode of contact, would certainly cause me stress, and I would be surprised if it wasnt stressful to becky. The fit for work note doesnt always say that you should be or remain absent, it is a doctors advice!
  20. I would suggest going to your doctor as you seem to be suffering from stress and or anxiety. A fit for work note, sent to your employer with maybe a covering letter saying that you may or may not have said soemthing in the 'heat of the moment' but that you want to come back to work as soon as possible, and then take the Disciplinary investigation as it comes, as you are covered by law as to any potential outcome of that
  21. That is my point exactly. Discrimination by association did take place, but the advice was that because it had been corrected, then that is resolution enough
  22. Thanks for all of the comments guys. My adviser did say that the judge was only advising them. They also said that because the employer had offered the requested hours, even though it was at the very last moment and I had no chance of taking them up, that in employment law, this was a resolution. It is clear to see that this must have been advice given to management from their legal people.To use an expression, they have shafted me, and I have no intention of going cap in hand back to them for my job back, I would probably be sacked for gross misconduct very quickly as I would be unable to hold my tongue as I would be in constant contact with the person and people who made the decisions that discriminated against me
  23. Thanks for the comments. Emmzzi, I had to let it go when I withdrew the claim, so that is over. I do agree that Employers seem to hold all of the aces legally and they can do so wrong (morally) and still be allowed to get away with it. My advisers told me that the judge told them to advise me to withdraw, so I'm not sure what went on there?? It is all over now, but having read so many people with so many varied problems on this site, it seems that even though so many of us are treated so badly, mostly in an illegal way, it is so difficult to get proper recourse. My issue is that in taking my apparently voluntary redundancy, I have forgone ten or fifteen years of wages and extra earnings and enhancements to my pension. Morally right or wrong? Legally right or wrong? Employers know what they are doing and it is not annoys me that the lawmakers have stacked everything in their favour. I suppose I wanted my 'day in court' which is now gone, but when you read of people convicted of very serious violent crimes being able to appeal and then appeal again, there is something seriously wrong when you are not able to get unscrupulous employers to come to court to be held to account for their discriminatory acts.(I accept the difference between employment and criminal law, but it is no less easy to take) Ah well, job search on the way!!! Thanks again guys and girls
  24. Hi all, I have just withdrawn my ET claim on advice from the legal charity that were assisting me, but it feels like something is not right, hence me asking the question of the Caggers on here who know how the legal stuff works. I have posted previously but probably didnt explain myself properly, so will put the details as a timeline Worked for employer for 24 years Jan this year, son diagnosed with ASD (recognised disability) Mar applied for flexible working explaining to manager my home situation telling him that son became very aggressive and anxious when I didnt get home to take him out on Saturdays Request refused, on grounds that I have documentary evidence to refute Off sick with stress on receipt of refusal Immediate appeal lodged Sent number of emails to line manager and area manager, all ignored Manager suddenly contacted me asking if I would like to progress voluntary redundancy, that I had expressed an earlier interest in at end of last year or start of this (not too sure) I saw this as my way of solving my caring situation and so accepted the offer Finishing date set for 24th Sept, which is irreversible, as stated in the documentation August, received letter stating that appeal would be heard in request of my flexible working request, (ACAS states 14 days) In week prior to me leaving, line manager emails, saying he can now accommodate me!! Advisers attend CMD and judge says that resolution has been received and advised to withdraw claim as no chance of winning?? and could incur heavy costs if I proceed. The problem that I have with this is probably naive, but I thought that if you were discriminated against, then that is when the 'offence' takes place, and to then do nothing and leave me to stew for four months and then accept my request just before I leave does not seem right. Is this something unique to employment law, as if it was say an assault that took place in March, the alleged offender could not just say sorry prior to a court case and this be accepted by a judge. Any advice or comment good or bad would be greatly appreciated. Forgot to say that I suffer financially on weekly basis when absent
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