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  1. I purchased a leather settee and chair from Sofology in August. 6 weeks later we noticed that the leather was discoloured and flaking in the seat area. We reported this, they sent a technician out who said it wasn’t a product issue and that it was potentially caused by us sitting in jeans. I have spoke to customer services today who have also suggested that jeans could be the cause of the issue. They have ‘kindly’ offered to replace the seat panel as a ‘good will gesture’. I am now concerned that this issue will simply reoccur within months unless I ban people
  2. Even though the car is basically damaged goods?
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I am hoping to get the finance company to take the car back. Do you think there is a chance of this?
  4. Hi all, new to the site and in need of some help. I bought a 57 plate Corsa from a local used car garage on finance. The car had 40k miles on the clock with one previous owner. I paid £4k I have no mechanical knowledge. On getting the car home it initially ran quite well for a few days then disaster struck and the car began to overheat and the brakes didn't work. It was recovered to a local garage who replaced the water pump with the selling garage covering the cost. The local garage informed me that the car had been in a previous crash and stated the repairs were very
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