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  1. and the call us 'conspiracy theorists' ? thanks for the heads up about HMRC, I am not with barclays, but........ working tax credit are after me, because concentrix put a 'note' on my file, to say I was living with someone ? I'm not - they just made it up ! is that criminal fraud?
  2. Interesting, thanks for that, I had missed it A quick search " uk bank bail in law " produced this, http://truepublica.org.uk/united-kingdom/grand-theft-auto-uk-eu-bank-depositor-bail-regime-implemented/ One bit jumped out, " This is an admission by the British government that the £85,000 deposit guarantee scheme is flawed and that the British depositors protection promise is simply a sound bite and not financially supported. " Time to go back to a cash society ?
  3. Fascinating, thank you for that information. I did breed highland 'mogs', as my avatar shows, but having had over 30 pet cats 'disappeared' in the past 18 years, by the surrounding shooting estate keepers ( although I cannot prove that ) I have had to stop. I have a single house cat, that I cannot allow out, because he will be slaughtered ! Sadly the police will not even take a note of the 'disappearances', so there is no record of how just many pet cats are killed locally, but there are few cats older than a couple of years.
  4. Apologies, I was thinking about my own circumstances, all pre 2007. I have had a treat of court action from shoosmiths, this year, my solicitor has written asking to see a copy of the original signed agreement ( pre 2007 ), none was supplied with my cca, so this is on hold.........
  5. Thanks for this, if it is actually implemented ? from this, " creditors and debt purchasers alike shouldn’t be commencing proceedings without checking the underlying agreement and ensuring that there is adequate documentation to support the claim." This 'might' stop the current fishing court claims ? In my view, it should go further, and require the original signed agreement, before 'alleged' debt is registered with the Credit reference Agencies.
  6. 2014 they said " You can ask us to send a field agent to visit you at your home and we will pay for this providing you meet with the agent and complete an income and expenditure assessment " my italics 3 weeks later they said " We will now instruct a field agent to visit you unless you contact us within 14 days, if you 'engage' with the agent ?? otherwise £75 + vat"..........I refused. They repeated this process 3 times in 2015. The second time, I wrote refusing a visit, telling them that NO MEANS NO ! and I was charging them £40 for administration, I also raised a seco
  7. Hi, NRAM, is continuing to harass me with 'field officer' visits ? I have constantly refused these, however, last year they sent a letter, giving me 14 days to reply, the letter took 6 days to arrive, before I had time to reply, on day 14 ( from the letter date ) a grubby little man turned up, he had failed to contact me to make an appointment, said he was passing, unlikely..... I did not engage with him, and have been charged for the visit + ongoing interest. Now, they are starting again. Can anyone tell me the law regarding this. I am being charged for a service I did
  8. Hi, Freds int have started a new form of harassment? They have started sending letters to a neighbours address, saying that they had "made enquiries for confirmation of my current place of residence. Information has been received confirming that your address details have been changed to this address" They sent out a couple, a few months ago, I phoned them, which is presumably the reason that these letters have been sent, and told them that my address had not changed. They have started this again? I contacted ICO, who told me to wri
  9. Thanks guys, found an envelope with all the orig stuff, my copy of application, orig advert, acceptance etc, plus this thing, which as you say, the card was attached to. But it does say 'credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974', and that is all I got? Pretty sure that nothing else was sent, I was good at filing stuff. Is it possible that that is all they sent out?
  10. Hi Mike, I tried, but when I click on 'insert image', it only gives me the option of jpg, jpeg, png, or gif. I used to be able to insert pdf, but don't seem to be able to? am I doing something wrong? thanks, Tom
  11. Hi DD, As you say, they do not seem to have grasped it? no surprise, so will send it again. They have escalated ? from Lowlife to Rod, to Hambles, to Freds, to BC, back to Freds....... While digging through the growing folder, I came across this, attached, is this the 'original agreement'? and, 1/ is it compliant, ie. not signed by either party, terms and conditions 'not within', etc 2/ does it trump their made up 'reconstituted' agreement? advise gratefully sought thanks Tom
  12. Hi All, NRAM is now a DCA, and their ONLY concern is getting money from you! But they do have something called LOAN MODIFICATION, where you are charged 2% interest, not the exorbitant 4.79%. I managed to get this for 1 year because of arrears and lowered income, but they took 5 months from telling me that I had been accepted, to applying it, and although I was paying an agreed lower monthly amount for those five months, my arrears increased by aprox. £1500 ! What I didn't do, was to chase them up daily, but each time I phoned, they told me " ah yes, it will go to a manager this week " so
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