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  1. Thanks caring guy , it's just soo hard isn't it? I just feel that because they've removed the offer and the new boss has made it clear they're going to find something to sack me for I'm fighting a loosing battle!!!
  2. Thanks Conniff, I have 2006- 2010 but have been requesting 2011 for the last 6 months and still have not been provided with them (due to management changes) and have been requesting 2012 all year as they have not been paying my quarterly bonus'.
  3. Hi, I am new on here so please bare with me, to cut along story short. I have worked for my employer for 6 years as a sales rep.I have been very successful and have an umblemished work history with them. I had 6 months maternity leave during 2011 and returned at the end of the year. A new manager started in April 2012 and requested a meeting with me 3 weeks in to their employment following a very brief day double working with me, infact 2 hours with me. I was advised the meeting was regarding the sales figures i had been requesting for several months of sales achieved versus target
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