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  1. Hi, I'm a single 33 year old, with fulltime parental responsibility for two children, 6 and 5. I care fulltime to the children and receive Tax credits. However. I have just suffered a serious knee injury and had major reconstructive sugery (72hrs ago) so now I'm bed ridden essentially. My mother who works is currently caring for me and the children. She's experienced serious health issues within the last year so is not able for this role. My reason for posting was in the hope there might be some help out there, physical or financial.
  2. Sorry i should have clarified that. I'm referring to the fact that I physically won't be in a position to look after my children.
  3. Sorry could you clarify what you mean by child support? I am receiving child benefit.
  4. Hi, I'm a lone parent currently receiving income support, housing benefit and child benefit. I've just received a date for ankle surgery and this will leave me on my feet for 6 weeks. Is there any additional support available or will I have to refuse the surgery that I've waited a year to have? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I think having slept on it I'm more inclined to attempt the latter.
  6. Yes I don't want to return to work so I simply need to know if by law do I have to return?
  7. Yes I understand your advice, thank you. Should I resign whilst under investigation, am I obliged to work my notice period?
  8. It may be shortsighted but i'm not interested in finding other work. Can I definitely not resign?
  9. I was never given a company handbook. Don't know of anyone else who has done similar.
  10. Does this not mean I will have a GMC on my file now regardless? To be honest I just want to leave asap now, I'd prefer to not have to return. Should they decide to dismiss me then I won't have to work a notice period?
  11. I was today suspended from my work pending an investigation into gross misconduct. I'm being accused of using company emails unauthorised for the benefit of my sideline business. I don't dispute the allegations. I have been told I'm on full pay until a complete investigation is carried out. The thing is, I've been considering handing in my notice for some time and I now view this as an opportunity to do so however I wanted to get some advice on how best to handle this. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply Becky. So if I completed 2 weeks notice for example and was then off for 6 weeks with post op immobility, would I be required to complete a further two weeks notice on my return to work, or would the remaining 2 weeks be fulfilled as i'm on statutory sick pay/leave?
  13. I am currently in employment abd have been in the job for 10 months. For some time I have considered leaving my job to start my own business but until now haven't really had enough to go on to jump ship as such. Here is my dilemma. I have recently fractured my ankle and require surgery, which would leave me unable to work for 6 weeks. If I hand in my notice (which I believe is 4 weeks) now, what is my position should I need to get the surgery before the 4 weeks ends?
  14. No next week and the remaining 6 days are excluding bank holidays.
  15. Yes i do get the 1st Jan as a bank holiday. Our holiday year runs to the 31st Jan
  16. Hi, I am currently in employment however i have made a decision to leave my current job to pursue my own business venture. I am working for my current employer from July of this year (5 months) and need to give one months notice. I'm quite eager to hand my notice in asap, however i was wondering if someone in the know could advise me as with the xmas holidays looming, i want to ensure i have got all my facts right. If i submitted my Notice on Monday (2nd Dec), is my notice period up on the 31st Dec? I am taking next week (2nd Dec - 6th Dec inclusive) as annual leave and then have a further 6 days leave remaining. What is my entitlement in terms of pay. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Ok folks, I have just received all account information from Santander but I have no idea what to do now! Please help, I really want to get my financial mess in some sort of order.
  18. Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have the account numbers. My credit file gives the last 4 digits of each, would this suffice for the letter?
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