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  1. Hi again, am just wondering if there is any letter templates on here that i could copy to send to Argos as im not too good with words:|. Thanks Nick
  2. Thank you for your continued support, an independent engineer has now seen and tested the washing machine and i have received his report in the post this morning, in the report he indicates a maufacturing or component fault, and there was no evidence of excessive wear an tear or deliberate damage, he also states that i have paid him £45. I will now forward this onto Argos with an accompanying letter (a template from here) an wait for there response, i have photocopied both letters for my own records, will keep you updated, with thanks Nick
  3. Hi i phoned Argos today and didnt get very far at first so i asked to speak to there manager. when i eventually got to speak to the manager i was told i needed an independent engineers report sent to them and then they would reinburse the cost of the report and fix or replace the machine. They gave me an address to send it all to, argos customer relations. Thanks for your guidance. Nick
  4. Thanks for your help. I will let you know how i get on.
  5. Hi thanks for your reply, am abit new to all this. Can you help with what i say to argos when i phone them please, many thanks
  6. Hi was wondering if you could help, brought a washing machine from argos 16 months ago and the bearings have gone on it making it unuseable. Have phoned argos and they said they are unable to help as it is after the 12 months warranty! They gave us 2 phone numbers 1 was a warranty company and the other was hotpoint direct, both places wanted around £200 to help. Reading through some previous threads on here i see that it is argos themselfs who need to fix the problem. Can you please give some advice on what to do and what to say to them please, many thanks.
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