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  1. Hi, I know this is an old question that was posted years ago.I have to post this for future victims of Hamlins solicitors demanding money in damages for selling what they believe are counterfeit goods on ebay. Too many people are being screwed over by this company and they really have nothing to worry about. My situation was like everyone else's, sold a few things on Ebay, had some of them removed and was totally confused. None the wiser, 4 week later i received a letter from hamlin's Solicitor demanding that i give all details of who i'd sold too, where i had purchased them from and to sign a document and post it back to them or they would take me to court and seek damages,at the same time stating that this document does not waiver any action. Whatever you do, DO NOT sign this document as this is admittance and you are guilty. This gives them legal grounds.Just ignore the letters and chuck them away and they will soon get sick of chasing you.At the end of the day they are going by a photo hoping to generate £750.00 from every victim. It's just too easy for them to bully and scar people with legal bull s##t. I never replied and i'v heard nothing, it's been over a year now.People that reply get footed with a heavy £750 bill so DO NOT REPLY
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