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  1. So yesterday, there was an error on the GAME website that listed a certain console as being £0 and in stock, seizing the opportunity i order 3 HOWEVER i also order a 57p pc game in the same order, all was fine and the order when through,i also recieved a confirmation email. today i received an email stating that 'You may have noticed that the price for Xbox 360 250GB Halo: Reach Limited Edition Console on GAME.co.uk has gone up to £249.99, but you don?t need to worry! Because of the GAME.co.uk Preorder Price Promise your preorder will not change and you will still pay the original, lower price.' I then recieved an email saying that my download code for the PC game was ready. THEN i recieved another email stating that ' Unfortunately, due to a technical error on our website, we will be unable to fulfil your order. Therefore your order 155964399 will be cancelled. Please be aware that any money or Reward Points that have been debited from your account will be refunded.' However since money was exchanged, and one of the products having already been recieved, does this mean that i have a leg to stand on, and that they should honour the order? (who can say no to free stuff ey)
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