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  1. Ltd. company, requesting an invoice is paid. Two man band The business refuses to pay labour costs of a callout, £1500.
  2. From what Ive read on here, im going around in circles.. can someone comment? Way I see it :- 1) you send an inivoice, 14 days to pay, " i reserve to take legal action without further notice to you" written on it 2) Send a notice before action FORM (it used to just be a letter but now is this form? https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/pdf/protocols/debt-pap.pdf 3) proceed with coourt claim after 90 days? Citzen advice here, says something else https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/Problems-with-goods---letter-before-court-action/ Can somsone clarify? This is for an unpaid invoice.
  3. So, in my area, I can SEE the mast, its vodafones. I cant however get signal many many times through the day - we have three mobile phones all on vodafone either directly or via talkmobile who resell vodafone Ive told them on the community forums, facebook ,called them up even - ive just entered into a contract and service is terrible. I feel like sending the phone back and getting a refund/new contract with EE
  4. We did complain. We were told a) nothing will be done to the employee, no warning, no telling off,b) We were told to royally F off and see you in court if you have a problem. I guess nothing can be done and we'll still keep paying them, putting money (and mints) into their pockets so they survive another day and do the same elsewhere.
  5. Yes, we witnessed this. He was downstairs a long time, and on inspection he was literally filling his pockets, it wasnted 'a mint' or a couple of mints - and they wernt in the reception or public area, they were mints in a meeting room of which he was only supposed to be changing the water filter Yes the police were called. At the end of the day, you are trusting someone in your business -what next? Franking machine? Some envelopes? the projector? They argue their water contract have nothing to do with their staffs liabilities, thats a court issue. I think they will be holding the cards here however they can continue to trade with staff who the let into peoples buildings, to take when not offered or asked Their contract states that any breech or any reason they can come grab the water bottles and dispensers they can continue to claim for payment,
  6. So, long story short, we caught the Water bottle provider (for office water) filling his pockets with mints from the meeting room. He was only supposed to, and trusted with, being in there to change the water bottles over. we dont want this little thief in the building any longer we called to terminate the water contract - they have stated a) they dont give two hoots about their staff and b) they wont cancel the water order, will, come to premises and take the goods and continue to bill us c) "bring it on, we have lawyers" No apology, nothing. here is the agreement enclosed that we signed, yes we can give three months notice as its dated 2014. what rights do I have - without court, bearing in mind its a civil agreement not a criminal one - yet my issue is technically criminal (ok its only mints but the principle is there). we threatend the fact we may call the police about this and for them to just take their stuff and go - but he proceeded to take that as blackmail! We just dont want them in the building ever again nor do we want to pay them a penny more! They are also member sof: http://safecontractor.com/ and http://bwca.org.uk/
  7. Do I demand they pay cash or can i get the cash off their insurer? Or is insurance just insurer to insurer?
  8. tried a freedom of information act request but it was denied.
  9. Ok so frustratingly the company i THOUGHT it was, have confirmed its not their company. The one i now THINK it is asking more questions about me before confirming ownership. Next point of call? I dont want to go through my insurer as the excess outweighs the cost. Im thinking DVLA v888 form then send a letter -i just want to keep my identity safe as the guy was a right yobo
  10. I have the same issue - how as this resolved? As its a telecommunications default I cannot request a credit agreement as these terms do not apply. Best course of action? Default for £87! pathetic
  11. And they would have turned up, if i was injured - i wasnt - and so they said its a failure to stop offence which is done via admin and insurance channels
  12. No point going to the insurance, as the excess is £250, i coudl fix it for £60-100 Point is, why should i pay for someone elses mistake Ive written the report, should i send in a solicitor or send an invoice now or wait until the police are done?
  13. Yep, called the police straight away. They told me to go to the police station and fill out a form, which I did. 3 witnesses, so not entirely my word against theres, why should they get the upper hand of innocent unless proven when they stopped and the accident was seen by 3 pairs of eyes
  14. yesterday, I spent most of the evening driving around to catch more info about the guy and filing a police report I got hit by a lorry... he drove off.. i followed and parked in front of him alerting him he had hit me. . he pulled over, started to get aggressive, wouldnt exchange details, swore a lot and so i backed off for my own safety. I took a photo of his truck and my damage and went to the police. I filed the report - but they will only help if the insurance company need the info - the damage isnt worth my excess I have the drivers partial reg, the company details name and address of the company. Can i send them an invoice stating it would be quicker than going to court? At the end of the day he hit and drove off... in a company lorry, which is silly because I can always track them down. They're scaffolding people working on the building a lane before where i got hit
  15. Section 11 of the Landlord and tenant act 1985 states: (1B)Nothing in subsection (1A) shall be construed as requiring the lessor to carry out any works or repairs unless the disrepair (or failure to maintain in working order) is such as to affect the lessee’s enjoyment of the dwelling-house or of any common parts, as defined in section 60(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act M11987, which the lessee, as such, is entitled to use.]
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