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  1. Thanks Very Much for the reply and the re-assurance. I will post if there are any further developments.
  2. I received my third letter from Parking Eye today. This letter is a FINAL NOTICE. The amount now payable is £70 ( because I didn't pay the £40 before the 6th of June. If this letter is ignored, we will have no option other than to take further action, which "may" include instructing our solicitors to secure immediate payment or the issuing of court proceedings. Therefore to avoid unnecessary costs or action, please pay the outstanding Parking Charge at the final reduced amount or make arrangements for the driver to pay, in accordance with the parking terms and conditions. The consequences of not paying, and subsequent legal proceedings, are that judgement may be entered and, if ignored a bailiff / sheriff may attend the debtors address to remove goods. Yours Faithfully. Legal department. ParkingEye Ltd The wording above sounds pretty convincing and threatening. Does this look like the standard third letter which ParkingEye send out?. I am still planning to Ignore this third letter. How many more letters should I expect now?. Hope the Bailiffs and the Sheriffs don't come knocking on the door to seize my goods. Thank You
  3. I did consider either speaking to or writing to the Aldi store manager but that could well be seen as correspondence and admission of liability by Parking Eye. I have heard from other people that the Aldi store manager would have no interest or control over Parking Eye. I would have explained to the store manager that we shop there at least twice each week and then visit the sports centre next door where there has never been adequate parking spaces. Many people park on the Aldi car park and do not shop there. They just leave their car there and visit the sports centre but must return within the 90 minutes. We usually arrive at the Aldi store between 18.45 and 18.55 when the car park is nearly empty and we leave after 20.00 when the store has closed, usually between 20.05 and 20.15. In this case we would not be inconveniencing anyone who may be wishing to park and shop in the store. Thank You
  4. Just a quick update. I received my second letter from Parking Eye on the 7th of June. It was virtually identical to the first letter apart from the date. It stated that the charge is £70 but that would be reduced to just £40 if I paid it by the 6th of June. The letter has been ignored but saved. I have not shopped at Aldi since I received the first letter from Parking Eye. Aldi have lost at least £100 of our hard earned wages already and we have no plans to use Aldi again in the near future. Aldis Loss but Lidl, Netto, Iceland and Farm Foods gain. Thank you
  5. I will ignore the letters but keep them for my records. If I receive further correspondence or if things start to get serious then I will post details on this thread. Fingers crossed, following the advice to ignore them they will leave me alone. Thanking You
  6. Good Evening. I am new to the forum and would like to hopefully find out more regarding my rights as a consumer. Thank You
  7. I received a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye. The charge is £40 if paid within 14 days or £70 plus Liability for other charges if not paid within 14 days. I parked on an Aldi car park in Rochdale where you are allowed 90 minutes free parking. I was delayed slightly so I actually parked there for 100 minutes so I was 10 minutes overdue according to there information. They sent me two photographs. One showed my vehicle entering the car park at 18.43 and another showing my vehicle leaving at 20.23. The date and time were not stamped on the photographs but typed above them. My argument is that the Aldi store closes at 20.00 so. At 18.43 when we arrived the car park was only say 25% full and when we left there were no more than four cars left on the car park. I was hardly using up a valuable customer parking space. How can they justify charging me a minimum of £40 for 10 minutes on a virtually empty FREE car park?. If the parking fees were say £6 per hour then if anything I should be liable for a £1 excess. I have read a few posts that say totally ignore the letters from Parking Eye and as yet I have ignored them. According to their demand, I have until the 6th of June to pay the charge. I have always had excellent credit and wouldn't want to damage that in any way. Thank You
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