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  1. My legal representative withdrew form ET case this week, 6 days before hearing. Am I likely to be permitted a postponement by ET?
  2. Should a solicitor put key advice in writing to a client, so that it's on record for future reference?
  3. My insurance company deals with the above mentioned firm as mentioned by becky! The limit is 50k. I'll be very disappointed if it's a 'no' or £1500!
  4. Hi Caggers! I made a request to my former employer for personal information, meeting minutes etc as a SAR and the forty day deadline has passed. There has been no response and my cheque hasn't been cashed. I made the request on the advice of the ICO, having previously been to my local authority for the information. What should I do now? I will shortly be attending a CMD for my case and wonder whether I should make a formal complaint to the ICO or ask the judge to order the information be released to me. Not sure how it works? They clearly have a great deal of information that they don
  5. Oh dear! I'm currently dealing with my home insurance and awaiting a response! Doesn't sound promising! They submit to an independent assessor which I believe is counsel. My case has previously been assessed by our chosen counsel with very high prospect of success at ET. It'll be interesting to see what the response is from my company! Hope I don't have a fight on my hands!!!
  6. Just wonder how the ET would view a respondant that has outdated policies that arent shared and agreed by employees? Would lack of effective policies contribute to unfair dismissal? Also, how would ET view employer that doesnt abide by company policy? Hope this makes sense!
  7. What is the thinking behind HR not being present? Is it that they're listening in another room so as not to be drawn into discussions?
  8. My employer has taken disciplinary proccedings against me which have taken place at company headquarters. HR haven't been present in the room whilst meetings have taken place. I know that covert recording has taken place due to me being tipped off by a senior employee. Is this lawful and how would acas view this.
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