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  1. thank you Unfortunately, Noddle can't verify me, (tried twice), and in ClearScore, it only allows 2 previous addresses, neither of which are the address which I was living at when I originally took out the card....
  2. ...further to this.... I've been digging around in old folders, I've found a letter from 2006 where I cancelled 'Cardholder Repayment Insurance' with them (I had realised I didn't want and couldn't afford it.) The account had been open in 2003, and so PPI was running until 2006 when I started to struggle with money... and, although, regrettably I don't have any statements at all - I do have a letter (just the one) with an unpaid direct debit fee notification of £16.00. I guess, these two things do work as proof of PPI and unfair charges, which, means they definit
  3. Hi all, especially BelstarBomb, dx100uk and Conniff - and thanks for the comments all those years ago! Well, to update, this has disappeared for 4 years, and has just raised it's ugly head again! I've just had a letter from a new collection agency, asking for the money. (Standard 'we've been passed your account, please call us to arrange a monthly payment or we can take action). So to update: the last correspondence from Barclaycard was in 2012, and was as follows: "Dear Miss Pendleton Re: a/c I refer to your request for information dated 19/05/12. The info
  4. Hi again, First of all, thank you so much for your encouraging replies, and Secondly sorry for the delay in responding, as a self employed person, finding the time to deal with this (and keep food on the table) is very difficult. Firstly I should say I think I cancelled the PPI after about 2/3 years (when I realised it was costing an arm and a leg) I don't have statements, and would need to go the SAR route (have looked at the template), but not sure if I would be better just trying to get them to write it off - rather than going after them for charges to be refunded to me....and the
  5. Hello and thanks for your amazing forum I hope you can help, I've read loads of posts but can't find anything that matches my scenario: (I'll try and keep it brief!) I've got a C/card which was with Egg and is now with Barclaycard due to their purchase of egg. It's now down to £4300, (was more like £6k I think) I originally took it out in 2003 odd. I knew I had PPI with them, and so sent off my £1 and asked for my agreement, and have got back a letter which I wasn't expecting, stating that: "We are currently unable to provide a copy of the terms of your credit agreement as varied
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