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  1. Thanks I have just sent them a tweet. Is there anything else I can do? I feel like they're blatantly ignoring me. Regards Scott
  2. Hello, I sent an email to this Gary Simpson twice. I still have had no correspondence. I don't understand how this company smash my TV and then try and tell me its my fault. I've got hardly any money left and my electric will probably run out soon. I sold my TV to make a new life for myself. Now I'm £360 down. Its not like Parcel force are a friend who accidentally broke it and they're avoiding it because they're skint. I trusted them with the TVand they've just shrugged it of like its nothing. I am so heart broken by this. £360 pounds might be nothing to them but to me its a
  3. Many thanks for your quick reply. I have sent an email of complaint to Garry. I shall keep you update to how this unfolds. Scott
  4. Hello all this is my first time posting on this forum so please excuse me if I come off as a bit dense. I sold my TV on ebay for £320 pounds. Used Parcel Force to send TV from Wales to Yorkshire. TV Smashed. Foam that wrapped the TV unwrapped. Box ripped to shreds. What the hell was they doing? I phoned them up they said to fill out a form, I made it very clear that it was a TV that they had smashed. They said fill out form. Filled out form, guy I sent it to filled out their questionnaire. Weeks later their reply is that they can't payout because its not on item o
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