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  1. I received a letter yesterday claiming their 1 call everyday was not harrassment and that telephone conversations are easier to resolve any problems etc. As a gesture of goodwill they have credit the charges on my a/c amounting 2 £120 and placed a hold on the a/c for a month. what a suprise was not expecting that. I was alerted about my experian about recent activity only to find that on the same day they not updated the records according but have claimed 1 month late payment. another letter to them i guess?
  2. Thanks I will send CCA at the weekend and keep u updated
  3. i am struggling to pay as Im on benefit and was when I applied for the card I did tell the sales person at the time
  4. It been a while due to many family situations and my health suffering I have fallen behind on this. Where should i start from - send GE money another letter before i start court action, send in medical evidence.
  5. I have Adams mastercard. As a result of a late payment, charges and interest have been applied to my account taking me over the credit limit. I am now getting overlimit charges as a result. Creations have contacted me everyday about my account and I sent them the harassment letter but still getting the calls. Creation have said that as I have made a payment the a/c will be put on hold for a week,. I have checked my credit file and it shows at the moment all is fine and I would like to keep it that way. Any advice on what i should do next.
  6. I change over to Utility Warehouse and started to have problems with my electric meter. the meter would never cut out or allow me to use my emergency credit. When ever i top up my key it would always show a debt. I reported this to Utility Warehouse back in Sept and was that someone would contact me to arrange for a engineer to come out. No one did. I contact UW again in beginning of Nov and was told as the appointment was not urgent I was told again some will contact me. No one did but I received a letter stating an engineer was booked for 30/11/09. The engineer came around 7.45 this
  7. I wrote to Halifax using the template regarding benefit. I called to find out what was happening and as I had already made a complaint in 2008 via telephone they are treating it as onging complaint, I have to wait for the test case result and that they don't believe they have done anything wrong with taking money from my benefit. I should receive a letter thursday as they use 2nd class post. I usually very good with my little amount of money i get. This has caused nothing but worry. How do I take this forward?
  8. I need to send a SAR to the mortage company as I have no paperwork. What should I ask for? regards
  9. Thanks cerberusalert thats help a great deal as i did not know whether to send a SAR or CCA
  10. my mum took out a loan with provident a 2 years ago. The agent for provident kept changing and finally there was a regular agent collecting. For months this agent never arrived to collect the money. My mum informed provident but nothing happen. Provident sent a letter stating she had accured charges on her account for non payment. My mum sent in a finanical statement as she was on sick leave. The debt has been reduced to £700, however the debt has been passed to wescot who have harassed her repeatly. Wescot stated that if my mum paid £350 within a certain time they would write off th
  11. latest update. Its good news the council recalled the account and agreed the offer of £67 and cancelled the bailiff's fee of £42 did not need to fill out a financial statement A BIG THANK YOU TO BURP
  12. Thanks burp I have written a letter to the bailiff as outlined above (2nd one) but my problem now is that they have refused the payment offer and want me to fill out a income & expenditure form before they accept payment. The council received a copy of the letter and informed me that the bailif can refuse and i need to complete the form given Should I get my mum to do this as it is for her. The letter also states that my mum falls under the vulnerable situation which is being ignored
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