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  1. Hi the hearing was in december 2011, we were ushered into a room and spoke to an advisor she advised that indeed this court case was just a rubber stamping exercise and to go home as she would put all our points to the magistrates. She also took our means info that we had filled in,i did say to my husband i think we should go into court but he trusted her even gave us her card as we were worried. Now we get the bailiff letter even though we have had no letters since attending court ?
  2. it states magistrates liability order not county court.Have spoken again to cab they say pay something to bailiff to keep costs down ,but they already say he owes £15,000 so he cannot pay what he hasnt got. we do not own our home neither does he have any assets. have been told to phone csa and ask for an independent examiner to go over alleged amount that has been assessed as the case is clerical?
  3. its a magistrates liability order for csa alleged arrears so the bailiffs letter states.
  4. Hi Thanks for that.we tried speaking to bailiff as rossendales wouldnt speak to us told us to speak directly to bailiff (expensive mobile number) .He insisted my husband spent the weekend finding £750 ,my husband said he couldnt pay that much (he disputes owing the csa that amount anyway).ive been to cab and they are advising,been to court and they cannot stay the warrent,Habe been advised that they cannot touch my car as registered to me and the alleged debt is his?hope thats right ?Have spoken and now written to csa complaints.Any ideas as too stop this warrent?
  5. Does anyone know how to stop a magistrates liability order? Tried going to court phoning bailiff company (they say speak to bailiff on his mobile) hes just demanding money we havnt got and being bullying.
  6. Hi thanks,I have tried deadbeat dads but found them to be more about rights of access to children and not csa problems.But i will try other .
  7. my daughter hid her mini hifi in garden because she thought they were going to come in and take it.we have made numerous attempts to csa to pay maintenence in fact my husband was paying it!we went to court in jan this year and spoke to csa solicitor. she advised to go home and she would state our case in court,we did bad mistake.Now 5 months later he receives above letter.we phoned bailiff up straight away and i was told to be ready for him a removal van and police escort at 8 am next day,he was agressive and didnt want to hear any talk of what my husband had been trying to sort out.I know fro
  8. can anyone advise me.My husband has had amagistrates lialility order from rossendales he had no prior warning.it says they give 24 hours notice to recall and remove effects to pay debts.its to do with csa arrears.I havnt slept .help
  9. Hello can anyone help me i want to start a thread!but how do i do this? just joined
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