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  1. All I can do is show them his plane ticket and a rather fetching facebook post! Thank you ever so much, I have been really worried
  2. No, he was staying with a different girl most days and just left some stuff here which has now gone and coming round most days which is why I didn't take too much notice of his post coming here.
  3. I looked into them and it seems to be a branch of the original lender. The pay day loan company have a debt collection company under their umbrella. It is TM Legal that are chasing him if anyone has heard of them? We did try to get it under control and pay off but they were not interested in anything other than the CCJ and even then he tried to get it sorted. A County Court Bailiff was sending letters through the post saying he had delivered them by hand.
  4. Thank you for all your answers. My son was made unemployed a while back. He went to a pay day loan thinking it wouldn't be as much as it was to pay back. He fell behind on his rent and prioritised rent and repayments to other things, couldn't keep up with the increasing payments and then they issued a CCJ while he was trying to negotiate repayment. I know what he did as I did the letters to the company for him. It has gone to the County Court Bailiff and the only thing I know is that on May 24th he got a letter to say they were going to apply for a Warrant of Control. My mum lives with me and I have had a dreadful job trying to make her realise not to let anyone in, hence me asking about a Statutory Declaration. I was advised to do that by the debt people; Step Change I think it was. It was a solicitor who told me she would do the Declaration for £105. I know the powers of debt collectors but I am a little bit grey on the powers of County Court Bailiffs, any advice or pointers would be much appreciated.
  5. He got the debt a month ago and moved to Spain last week at the same time the notice for the Warrant of Control came through
  6. I am not sure this is the right place so please excuse if I have posted wrongly. Does anyone have a link for a Statutory Declaration please to cover the goods in my house? My son got a CCJ which has now gone to a Warrant of Control, I am expecting the Bailiffs any day, I know if they take something and I can prove it is mine afterwards I can have it back, I stupidly don't keep receipts after 6 months if something is working okay and I have little to show in way of paperwork if they turn up. I was told if I show a Statutory Declaration they cannot take anything but I don't have the £105 I am being quoted. My son has now moved to Spain and I should imagine they won't care and try to take what they can for the debt?
  7. Please can someone give me some advice about County Court Bailiffs and what powers they have? It is a bit of a saga which has ended up with having to borrow money from a pay day lender, not being able to keep up the repayments, interest spiralling and a CCJ issued. I offered payment which I could afford to the Court to stop the CCJ but it was ignored. Contacted the company before it went to Court and offered payment and asked for original papers this was ignored. Got home today to find a letter from a County Court Bailiff in the post. Bizarrely, the letter said he visited my home, but the envelope was clearly stamped and delivered by my postman. He is demanding attendance at the County Court Bailiff Office, is this obligatory or can it all be done by email/post? If he does come back, does he have a right of entry?
  8. Hi All, I am looking for some kind of an answer fr my brother as to why eve though he is in the Support Group for his ESA, he has now had over £60 per week deducted. His ESA is Contribution based and as he has severely bad MS, he was rightfully placed in the support group. Two weeks ago he got a letter telling him that because he gets Contribution based ESA, he will now have the money deducted. There was no explanation why this has happened and I can only guess it is because of the benefit being contribution based and time limited. He didn't think this applied to him because of the Support Group, obviously t does! If anyone has had any thing similar happen to them, please can you give me some advice about what I can do to help him? He is left with £30 a week to live on and it is not enough for anyone, le alone a badly disabled man. Thank you
  9. What's illegal? My post or what they did?
  10. Hi all, I was awarded ESA and placed in the Work Related Activity Group earlier this year and sent to Seetec. I was pleased about this at first as I am disabled and want to work from home. The nice lady (some of them are) at the job centre told me that Seetec would help me specifically with self employment. What I wanted wasn't taken into account and I was told I would have to job search and go on group activities for things I didn't want to do. No matter how many times I told my advisor I wanted to be self employed and my reasons for it, I might as well have talked to myself, only difference being I would have taken notice of me!! On my first interview I was told that I wasn't the race I said, the advisor told me I was something different. Then I was told that even though I have registered hearing, sight and mobility problems and have t o use adapted computers, no adaptations would be made for me. I was shouted at and humiliated to the point of wanting to cry in public. I phoned the EHRC and they told me to complain, I did and things got worse. On three occasions Seetec reported me for a violation of the WRAG, on three occasions they were false reports because I had proof of why I had not gone to the appointments and proof I had told Seetec. The stress it caused me when I got the possible sanction letter was dreadful, they always seemed to arrive on a Saturday when I couldn't do anything but worry. They ruined my chances at getting off benefits and becoming self employed for now so I have issued Court proceedings against them. It has been given to their solicitors who I will have to get my defense ready to give to them. The reason for my posting is that I need your help all if you would?? If anyone has any horror stories they would be willing to share with me, please would you get in touch? I think it is beyond awful that this organisation are treating people the way they do and getting away with it. Not saying I will win at Court but I have everything crossed and it would help if I could give more examples of similar stories. Anyway, I will keep you all posted as to what happens, it is about time Seetec were stopped.
  11. Hi all, I have been put on the WRAG after getting Income related ESA and referred to the living nightmare called SEETEC. It started wrong for me when I was sent a letter with an appointment on the day I had a hospital appointment. I phoned and told them why I oculdn't come and nothing more was said. A month later after having had what I have been told is very good reason to complain, I have had a letter from the DWP telling me I didn't turn up to my mandatory work activity and my benefit would stop. On my first visit the advisor put down my wrong ethnic group and got very, very annoyed when I told him it was wrong. Things got worse from then and by the time I left I didn't know if I wanted to cry or punch someone out of despair at the way I had been treated. On my second visit, even though it is known I am almost deaf, I was shouted at when I didn't answer the first time to a very rude member of staff. I wrote and complained on the advise of the EHRC and now I have received appointments to attend their centre every 3 to 4 days. Can anyone else tell me if they get ESA and have to go to SEETEC as much? I asked my JC advisor and she said they were entitled to have me their as much as they want. Any advice would be very hugely appreciated Thank you
  12. Evening all, I have had a letter from the 'wonderful' Westcott Credit for a debt owed by my sister in law. She has given my address to her credit card company who she has now decided not to pay. The debt has gone to Westcott who are sending letters to her that aren't sealed hence I have read them. I don't have any contact with her or my brother, so I can't ask them what they are up to. Can anyone tell me if it is illegal for her to put the wrong address down and whether I should ignore the letters or conatct Westcott? I have debt problems of my own and don't want to go near Westcott but on the other hand I don't want someone knocking looking for her cos my neighbour put the nose into nosey. Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated
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