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  1. Thanks for the replies. I spoke to someone at ARC, I know this is breaking the golden rule but nothing was agreed over the phone and when the person realised I seemed to know my rights and that he wouldn't be able to bully me he was actually okay to deal with. Anyway, they have sent me an income/expenditure form to fill in so I'll do it and take it from there. One thing I was wondering about was during our conversation I mentioned that if the debt did reach court I had loads of emails from QQ refusing to give me bank details and not accepting the repayment amount I proposed so in effect t
  2. I've read in the past that DCAs have no right to see an income/expenditure statement and I'm under no obligation to send them one, is that not right? Also as far as assets go they can't just go after them without it having reached court first surely?
  3. Hi again, ARC have sent me copies of the credit agreements and also a breakdown of how they reach this total. It's original loan amount, two months interest and £24 default charges. They now say they want the full amount repayed within the next ten day or they will pass the debt over to their legal department where further action will be taken. I don't have £1000 to pay them so will suggest a repayment plan to them and if they don't accept it then I'm considering calling their bluff and let them take me to court over it. In the meantime should I simply set up a standing order for x
  4. Hi again everyone, Just to update and ask for a bit more advice - Wonga were paid off, Speed-e-Loans are being paid off monthly, as are TxtLoans, should be clear of them early next year. Quick Quid, however, were an absolute pain to deal with. Constantly bombarding me with automated emails and when I replied to them with a payment offer and a request for bank details they simply refused it, offered me one at a higher amount (knowing I couldn't afford it) and said I could only repay them by Direct Debit or bank card. They also seem to claim that I defaulted once on the roll over amoun
  5. Okay, thanks. I'll email them now and ask for it.
  6. They sent me the following as a 'notice of arrears' email: Funding Date: 18 May 2012 Loan Amount: £650.00 Payments Past Due: Due Date: 18 May 2012 Amount In Default: £87.25 Due Date: 15 June 2012 Amount In Default: £824.50 The above loan from QuickQuid is overdue. Because your loan is overdue, your customer status has been changed to "In Default". As a resut of your returned debits on the payment dates above, we have assessed £24.00 in Dishonour Fees. This amount is also now due. You will receive separate notices in relation to these Dishonour Fees. No
  7. I've now got it in writing that QQ won't telephone me again regarding my debt and they've offered me a repayment plan of six months at around £151 each month, even though I've explained I can't afford that. Also the total they claim I now owe is over £900 as they've added a £24 'dishonour' fee and a second month's interest onto the total. I think they've added this because I originally defaulted on the rollover fee and last week was when they claim I officially went into arrears with the loan itself. If that makes sense? I'm now getting emails that look like they've been composed b
  8. Thank you for all that, I will do it this evening. The help given on these forums really is invaluable!
  9. Sorry Renegade I should've worded that better. I meant when I contact the OFT and ICO what is the best way to contact them?
  10. Hi Renegade, thanks for the reply. Do I make complaints to them vis email, phone or through their website? I intend to send off the telephone harassment letter now. Will it be okay to send it to the two QQ email addresses I already have (Collections & resolution)?
  11. Hi again, just a quick update and some advice if possible. I've managed to set up repayment plans with Speed-e-Loan as well as Txtloan but Quick Quid who are (quite predictably) being a pain. They won't give me any bank details and insist everything is done on my debit card (no chance!) and have been calling my home phone even though I have told them in previous emails I will only deal with them in writing. Then today at work one of my managers came up to me and said that there had just been a phone call for me from 'QQ' and said he told the secretary to tell them this is my work number
  12. Hi, I managed to set up a repayment with TxtLoan without too much trouble and also got their bank details. I was asked if I'd post them here as they may be of use to other people. they are: Bank - HSBC Account in the name of - TxtLoan Ltd Account number - 42028948 Sort code - 402103 Siteteam note: CAG has not verified as to the authenticity so members should be careful. anyone who has used this and know it to be working and correct please add a post to this sticky thread. THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR ISSUES WITH TXTLOANS START A NEW THREAD dx
  13. Yeah I got it in an email. Is there a specific thread where all companies' bank details are kept?
  14. TxtLoan have agreed to my repayment proposals and given me their bank details. That was far more painless than I was expecting!
  15. Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to email Citizen's Advice and see if they can assist me..
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