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  1. Well done and I completely agree about changed attitudes would reduce costs to companies!!
  2. Before anything please make sure you have it in writing that they told your client on 13th Dec that you were already made redundant. Looks like the decision has been made. I suggest you put in a grievance about the process not being followed correctly by informing the client that you had been made redundant when infact you are still employed. Have you received your laptop back? Are you able to continue work?
  3. Its there prefered choice because they intend on managing you out of the business. If you believe you have a case and have the money to hold you over for the next 6-9 months then this may be the best way to go BUT if you can leave with a good reference and a pay out that you are comfortable with...this may be the best route. Perhaps you could discuss the type of figure they plan to offer you before you make any further decisions. Any payout at ET may be increased if they fail to provide you with the information you need to defend your disciplinary.
  4. Did your doctors report suggest you were well enough to return to work?
  5. Always go for the newest version because out of all areas of law, employment moves the fastest! As for the one hour hearing, are you sure this isn't just a CMD???
  6. Hi Sorry but they can class this as a risk assessment. It does depend upon how many employees you have and what was stated during the return to work interview. Less than 5 employees and a risk assessment doesn't have to be in writing. More than 5 and it doesn't have to be in a set form but does have to be written. If you had your return to work interview and said "I still feel like my leg will fall off if I stand at the till all day" and they didn't then adjust your work accordingly, then this interview could never be argued as being a risk assessment. Purely because you sho
  7. And why were you not elligible or why did you not receive this bonus. Was it a bonus or an increase in salary??
  8. Sorry thought she'd said 8% per day. It is rather more than I've ever heard but wouldn't that be nice!
  9. At CMD I was told to keep all records of application etc. So from then on I have everything but before that date its really sketchy. Should I just add what I've got??? Help got to get it in by tomorrow.
  10. I cant say 100% that it is from that date but my guess would be yes. Do remember that it is a comulative interest. So £100 day 1 £108 day 2 etc. Don't be tempted to just add 8% on at the end as you'll do yourself out of a lot of money. Hope you receive what you are owed soon.
  11. Thanks. Should I do it in diary form to include calls etc and then add emails and applications as evidence?
  12. Not sure I can help but I know we'll need to know - How long have you worked their and what profession are you in?? I believe construction is different.
  13. Mitigating evidence - how much information do I have to include?? Calls to agents?? Visits to job centers? Calls to friends/family?? Actual applications? I obviously want to prove I've been looking but only so much of the evidence has been actual application. Anyone got some sort of guide of what is and isn't needed??
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