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  1. Yes they are in his name and there are a lot of them! The new hearing date I think accommodates the time frame plus a little extra to give my daughter a chance to digest the information. Good point regarding letting the creditors know it is for a court case. When my daughter applied for various documents and statements she always mentioned this and found most organisations obliging. Anyway , thank you so much again.
  2. Thank you silversable - this information has been so incredibly useful. Yes it does concern a divorce and today at a hearing the Judge agreed that itemized CCA's were required. This is great news and will finally put to bed who spent what and when and narrow the issues. I have posted this question before on other forums before I discovered this site and where as people have been very helpful , it is you that has given me the definitive answer. Thank you for the welcome rebel11 , the forum has a good atmosphere.
  3. Hello all. Really great forum , my first post so be gentle! To cut a very long story short , my daughters ex husband has been ordered by the court to supply her credit card statements going back six years from eight different card providers. The ones she has received so far are really only summaries and do not itemise purchases and other transactions. When this has been questioned she has been told that this is how they were sent to him. Is this correct? It would be useful to hear from someone who has had to get old statements from their credit card company. Many
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