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  1. Hi all Hope someone can offer some advice as I'm at my wits end. Bit of background, first... I moved into this property in August 2012 under an assured shorthold tenancy - private landlord, managed by an agency. I renewed this tenancy for another year in August 2013. When I viewed the property, I was told that for my use would be a private garden, to share only with the occupant of the downstairs flat. However, on the day I moved in, I was told that at the bottom of the garden was a recording studio which was used by my landlord's son and access was gained by walking through my
  2. Hi all, Have been having a read through and hope someone is able to offer some advice in my case, as well as the great advice I have already got here which has calmed me down a little! I was away until late Thursday evening (2/12) and when I got back I found a "Notice of Bailiffs Attendance" regarding unpaid Council Tax of £258.74 plus costs, dated 1/12. It said I could make an initial payment of £60 and still pay by instalments. I was at work all day yesterday and had planned to sort it out over the weekend however today, Saturday morning (4/12) they have called again! I was still
  3. Thanks for the freephone numbers. Would prefer to have everything in writing though, if at all possible! The tariff I signed up to - fortunately - has no minimum contract term or cancellation charges. I was planning on switching to another tariff that would have these, but I think it is wise to hold fire for the time being and see if things improve with npower. If not, I will be off!
  4. Hi All Does any kind person have a contactable email address for Npower customer service? I have literally just joined them (accounts already gone through the switching process about 3-4 weeks ago) and I was quoted a direct debit charge of £15 monthly (am a very low user and this would be about right). Now the imbeciles have sent me a letter saying they are going to charge me £72 a month!!! Made up of £12 elec and £60 gas. Any fool can see this is incorrect. I spent a while filling in the contact form on the imbeciles' website with the above info, but upon trying to submit the
  5. indebtstudent, they just said the exact same thing to me - unsurprisingly It seems to me that Halifax are really trying their luck here. IMO they are basically saying they can change the T&C to WHATEVER THEY LIKE without asking for our approval! I am sorry, but if I had a loan, say at 10% APR, and they then increase it with very little notice to 20% APR, do I have no cause for complaint? Do I roll over and say "OK, then, sir." I think not! HOW can this be legal? Especially given the current economic climate - the fact that many more people will be further into their overdrafts with n
  6. We have to fight! Just need to work out how... Yesterday got a fob off letter saying they refuse to discuss this matter with me anymore There needs to be more publicity so everyone who is unhappy about this must tell everyone else. We can't stay silent. I know this is just Halifax but surely other banks will follow their example eventually. I did get a reply from my MP last month so it may be worth writing to him and letting him know the recent developments. I am completely stuck because I miss the features of my Halifax account, and was otherwise happy with them but I ref
  7. Am in the same position. Today have noticed on 31/12 been charged interest only though, presumably that is November interest but expected the £1 a day charges to be added on 31/12 for 6/12 to 31/12 inclusive also, so a bit confused. I have stopped using the account and waiting for a reply to my letter asking to allow me to repay the overdraft under the original terms. I don't intend to send them another penny until then. I have told them in no uncertain terms that I will NOT be paying any such "new" charges, only the £1500 overdraft plus interest. I think my offer is reasonable. Th
  8. I just checked my account, which I have stopped using since 6th Dec, and have just been charged interest today - no £1 a day charges. Am wondering if this is because I have repeatedly refused to accept the new charges regime and requested that I still be charged interest instead...
  9. Got a 2nd letter back from Halifax re. the new charges. Basically the current position is that I have repeatedly refused to agree to the new terms & conditions and requested that all interest and charges were frozen until such a time that I am able to repay my overdraft (£1500) in full. The key sentence in my reply from Customer Relations says:- "Regrettably, this is not something that can be agreed, therefore overdraft charges will be applied until such a time as the balance of the overdraft is repaid in full." My reply: "I do not agree to the change in conditions
  10. Well, folks, my PIN "reminder" finally arrived today and, guess what? Not so much as a reminder, as a BRAND NEW PIN! No wonder the card hasn't been working as they obviously decided to issue me with a new PIN without informing me. Shall try and see if this PIN works tomorrow.
  11. I will try the Post Office tomorrow, thanks The reason I haven't, is because when I called the helpline before, they told me it was only a cash card and, when I asked if I could use it at the Post Office she said NO I have already applied for an account with another bank and as soon as that is opened I will transfer everything to them. Hopefully that will be sorted before Christmas. Lloyds are without a doubt the most useless bank, if not business, I have ever dealt with. From start to finish they have been hideous. Hellifax, I am almost tempted to go back to you so you can sc
  12. That's the very one! How can a member of LTSB staff get something so simple, but vital, so wrong? I am beginning to think some people just spout any **** just to get you off the phone ASAP! Oh well, they can listen to my phone calls back and respond to my letter of complaint accordingly. Meanwhile, I have absolutely no idea what to do next regarding the PIN situation. I am scared of getting my card swiped by the machine just before Christmas
  13. Thought I would add to my existing post rather than create another: It is driving me nuts! Have had various problems with my Lloyds debit/cash card, the latest one being that nowhere seems to want to accept my PIN Yes, before anyone suggests, I am POSITIVE I am entering it correctly as they only sent it to me early last week! Since then I have withdrawn cash with it at one LTSB cash point last Friday, but I tried to withdraw cash in a LTSB branch yesterday over the counter but the PIN reader was saying "incorrect PIN". This was my last attempt so it said the card had been bloc
  14. Yes, I realise that now Just can't believe how ridiculous it is to have an account that you can ONLY get cash out of a Lloyds cashpoint (3 miles way is nearest!) and I can use it online but not in a shop? Very bizarre! Not to mention the fact it has an erroneous VISA debit logo on it!
  15. dx100uk - exactly! It says VISA debit on it so surely should be as much use as any other VISA debit card! Surely... It is just a Cash account I have but that is the card they gave me with it.
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