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  1. I knew it was a long shot, but it seems no one can help with that question. To put it another way, I have nothing more specific in the SAR data from Egg at the moment. Is there anyone else who managed to find out how they applied? Am I missing some data from the SAR that Egg should have sent me? They've already said I can't have the CCA as the loan has been paid off. Thanks
  2. I've got my SAR from Egg, I know I had a Single Payment PPI policy and I now have the payment schedule, etc, etc. The bit I'm unsure about at this point is how I applied for the loan. It's that long ago that I don't really remember, but I have the contact history from Egg, which includes the following: loan for £XX(000) pre approved apr 7.9% 72 x £XXX.XX bronze 180days auto accept docs issued Anyone know if that gives a clue as to how I did it? I was probably going to say that I was led to believe taking the PPI would improve my chances of getting the loan as I see no other reas
  3. OK, here's my latest. Turns out I've confused myself about the loan and it was in fact taken out in 2004!!! I messaged Egg to try and get some further details and they replied with the following: Your Egg Loan xxxxxxxx was taken out on 2 June 2004 and the amount borrowed was 11,295.00GBP. This included the cost of the Loan Repayment Protection policy, as it is a single premium policy added to the balance of the loan at the start. Your monthly Direct Debit was for 196.20GBP and the loan was settled on 6 May 2010. I sent a further message to say that I am most likely going to
  4. Not sent the SAR yet as managed to get the Loan Reference number from Egg. The reply to the message said " If you'd like to make a complaint in regards to the insurance, you can reply to this message stating the reasons for your complaint and I can raise this on your behalf with our Customer Relations Office or alternatively you can write to the Customer Relations Office. Should I go ahead or get more details through a SAR? Thanks again
  5. I tried again and managed to get the Loan reference number and confirmation that I had PPI. It's that long ago that I can't be absolute on it being mis-sold, but I'm not convinced I was told other insurance might cover me or that I could buy insurance elsewhere. More than likely I believed that I had more chance of getting the loan if I took the insurance. Given that it's for an Egg loan from 2000, is there any history of people successfully claiming in these circumstances? I'm not sure how I would go about proving any of this. Or is it even feasible to make a speculative claim based on w
  6. Can't make head nor tail of this PPI stuff and am hoping people can point me in the right direction. I took out an Egg loan in 2000 that I have now paid off. I had PPI but I no longer have any of the details. My first issue is whether 2000 is too long ago to count as claimable? If I can, can anyone give any advice as to how I go about getting things moving? I have messaged Egg to ask for some of the basic details of the loan some time ago but have never received a reply! Thanks
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