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  1. Hi I bought a second hand car on Sunday (Ford Focus, 77K miles on clock for £3.5K) from a reputable car supermarket. However, it wouldn't start last night (Weds). I called my breakdown cover who examined the car and said there had been a problem with the electronics that had caused the immobilser to stop sending fuel to the spark plugs. He showed me the plugs and said the fact that they were completely dry with a bit of rust on them indicated that it was a fault that existed before I bought it. The garage were clear that I had a 3 month warranty. However, my wife spoke to the car supermarket today and they are happy to have a look at it but they say it's my responsibility (and cost) to have it towed to them (around 25 miles at a cost of around £70). Do I have any right to expect the garage to foot the bill for the towing cost based on the fact that it was an existing fault and I've only driven it once? Thanks
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