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  1. I think he wasn't trying anything weird, he was just under the impression that I WAS still sick, for whatever reason.
  2. Update, told him I can't get SSP as I'm no longer sick, he said he wants to still keep me employed but not as a casual worker, just on no hours but he can call me in whenever he needs . I just said no and that I'm looking for something with more hours
  3. Yeah I don't want to be on SSP, I just want to know why he suggested that. I did say I'm better but maybe he misunderstood? It seems really weird that I wondered if it might be dodgy.
  4. That sounds good, would I be "employed" by him still? Maybe that's what he meant by keeping me on his books. What if I found another job?
  5. Emmzzi What would it mean if I came back on a casual basis?
  6. Yes I think that I will, I just wanted to see if anyone could give me any insight as to why he suggested it. I know he is pleased with the work I did and would like to keep me on but maybe he was just talking about short term and I was getting confused but I did tell him I was better now, and I'd only been sick for a couple of days so wouldn't need a sick note for that anyway!
  7. I haven't been unemployed so I don't think it's that. I was only out of work for a few weeks before I got this job. I don't think he "likes" me, I am pretty sure he isn't married but I am an overweight, sweaty man, lol, he would be a bit weird if he did but each to their own. I really don't know why he is saying this as I had telephoned him to say I would leave and then he said about keeping me on the books on SSP???? It just seems so odd. My doctor has said because my depression is severe that I am probably not fit to work but this guy doesn't know about that, so I don't know how he thin
  8. Hi, I took a job working directly for someone who runs a small business. It was on a month long basis but at the end of that he said about extending it. Now, I became sick and had a couple of days off and also decided the money wasn't ideal for me at the moment so said I'm getting better now but I appreciate being given the chance to stay on but I will leave at the end of the month as the money isn't what I'm after at the moment (it's part time). The guy said if I can get sick notes from the doctor he would like to keep me on his books but on SSP as I will get some money then and can
  9. Thank you, I hadn't even thought about that. Do you think it's still OK to be employed by this person? I don't want to be involved in something dodgy (although we don't know it's dodgy), and I have decided to definitely say "no" to setting up these companies.
  10. I went for a job interview, which was supposed to be paid work for admin. However now the person has said instead he will set up companies in my name (I am currently self employed and looking to expand to have my own business) and in return I can use his office space for free, and he will advertise and take on staff for my company. Only I don't need an office and don't really need staff, I just want to do this on my own. I told him this and I said the reason I want the job with him is because I just need some money to pay the bills, and I'm doing my own business in my own time. He said t
  11. Guys, I just thought of something else. The first incident that I believe is discriminatory was almost 3 months ago. Even though I didn't complain about it internally at the time but am complaining about it NOW in my dismissal appeal, should I put in an ET1 so I'm not out of time? And will it go against me that I didn't complain at the time? I honestly thought it would just blow over and couldn't handle the stress of doing a grievance at the time.
  12. Papa Smurf for some reason I can't send PMs, I'm not sure if I can receive them so if you have any advice regarding the document I sent you would it be OK to post it in here please? Please don't paste the document in here, as it has some specifics I wasn't going to put in here just in case.
  13. Hi Madari, thanks that makes sense, although in my case they suspended me on full pay for one week while they investigated the incident. They fired me a day before the suspension ended. Is that still okay?
  14. I can't seem to edit my posts so I'm making another one to ask one more question: I was given a paid suspension until a set date but they actually dismissed me with effect from a date before the end of that suspension, so I have not been paid for as long as they initially said. Is this OK or is this something I should appeal / question also?
  15. I'm not able to reply to your PM for some reason Papa Smurf, but I totally understand and hopefully we can talk tomorrow. I'm not going to be posting anything tomorrow anyway as there's not post offices open. Thanks to everyone that's replied so far and any more advice that anyone thinks of would really help as I need to send my letter on Wednesady.
  16. I had a look on their website and found this number regarding penalty fares, 0844 544 8458 maybe they can help or at least point you in the right direction. I had to find a TFL department for work once and spent hours trying to get through to the right people.
  17. It would have to be done in hours and not days, because you work different number of hours in each day, if you see what I mean. So in working it out in hours, I have assumed a full time member of staff would be working 40 hours so five 8 hour days. If this is not the case, let me know. 8x28 = 224 (full time hours hol allowance) divided by 52 and multiplied by 32 = 137 (hours holiday you would get if you were full time at 32 weeks per year) divided by 40 and multiply by 18 = 62 hours. This could be used in any combination of your days, so you could have three whole weeks off plu
  18. I bet it goes on quite a lot, it's really unfair though, because you are being denied something that's your legal right and I think you should complain about it. Could you talk to some of the other employees and write a mass grievance signed by all of you?
  19. Yes, I did just go along with what they said, it didn't seem weird at the time but it does now that I've been able to think about it clearly, it feels like they weren't acknowledging I'm ill which I've felt like they've done all throughout this process.
  20. I'm thinking about putting the above in the letter but I'm not sure because it's not directly related to the thing I'm appealing so is it a bit of a red herring? I am thinking of just raising it in the appeal hearing, and saying I am not happy with repaying this money because I was actually sick and the company were aware of that but treated me differently and encouraged me to take holiday instead. If I put it in a statement at the appeal hearing is that the right thing to do?
  21. Did the thing about taking holiday make sense as I explained it? I didn't complain at the time because I was in no fit state to really think anything of it but since it happened I have been feeling that I was treated differently to another sick employee by being told to take holiday, not sick pay, and I don't feel I should have to lose out because of this. i didn't go to the doctor's and get signed off sick, even though I could have, because I try to work as hard as I can and don't like going sick. I did agree to take the holiday instead of sick, as it was suggested to me, but I just went a
  22. Thank you Papa Smurf! So do you know if you have to put in an ET1 in order to use ACAS concilliation service? On the phone they gave me the impression it's an alternative, I know it is offered alongside an ET1 claim but they also seemed to say it coud be used as an alternative with no need to do an ET1 at all. Are ET1s still free do you know and is there any risk I would have to pay costs if I lost my claim? I really have no money, well actually less than no money since I am now out of a job
  23. I think you could claim unlawful deduction of wages, for not being given the right amount of holiday pay. So is it just you on the 20 days and everyone else is getting 28?
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