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  1. Leon, thanks a lot. Yeah, I do hate the fact they are trying to get more out of it just because I can not afford to pay in cash - whoever it is if the owner or garage. And yeah I did call the insurance immediately when I got the quotation. Just been stupid to not take pictures of accident and not to call police. Well was my first accident and if (I hope not) will be involved in car accident in future, I will know better. Thanks a lot again!
  2. Well that is out of question - my excess is £100 and does not apply in this case (checked with my insurance company). Can some one confirm if cost of the claim does/ does not affect my next insurance price? And would you actually inform them about the fact that cost of repair is higher for them?
  3. Hey Chris, yeah I know it is cheap. But since my partner is recently without work I kind of care for every pound. Do not pay any excess as there is no damage to my care and do not care much about NCB. What bothers me most is that it will probs affect my quote more if the costs are higher? Not talking about that it does not seem to be right at all but hey, it is my problem. Should be already used to the fact we do not live in fair world
  4. Hello Guys, Yesterday I caused a car accident in most stupid way. It was raining, I was in rush to get to work on time and did not estimate correctly distance in between me and car parked behind me. I have stopped and within minute the owner of the car was there. Not a problem, I have given her my details, insurance policy number etc. She said she will get quotation so I can decide if I want to pay for repair in private or if I want to go through insurance. Sounds cool so far. Today at morning she did call me saying that the quote for repair is £260. That is not a
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