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  1. Or is it easier for me to just leave the defaults to disappear next year ? Looking into it I think I know what the one is but looks the balance now is higher than the default balance is this right ?
  2. Thanks for the info, I had a loan when I was about 18 which be the bank account one but I have never had a credit / store card. Aktiv have never been in contact with me which makes it strange, if I call them will that then reopen the debts if they do turn out to be mine ?
  3. Hope someone can help. I recently was asked to get an experian credit report for my mortgage the report came back with a decent 745 but a few things got brought up on it which has meant my mortgage being denied. They are as follows ; Aktiv Kapital account updated to:9/10/2011 Account type : Bank Started 13/07/2000 Default Date 11/01/2007 Balance £832 And Aktiv Kapital account updated to : 26/04/2009 Account type : Credit card / store card Started 05/06/2004 Default 23/06/2007 Balance : £352 Can any
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