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  1. They do not have any info of their procedures on their website. No independent person witnessed the numerous conversations. Full Management was agreed but the LA would take a monthly commission from rent not 12 months commission upfront in the first 2 months.
  2. It doesn't state anything about commission in the contract just the rent amount, dates, my responsibilities and the tenants. what they said to me was that i would get a fixed amount every month, which is clearly not the case.
  3. No it just states the rent amount per calender month which i was told i would get.
  4. It doesn't state anything about all the commission being taken in the first 2 months. it just states the rent amount and the date the tenant has to pay.
  5. So i've put my property on rent and the agency has decided to take its commission in the first 2 months and have said they will pay the full amount of rent taken from the tenants for the next 10 months, no where in the contract did they state this or with the numerous phones calls and conversations had with them. The understanding we had was they would take their commission on a monthly basis out of the rent not all in one go. Are they allowed to do this, what action can i take? Thanks.
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