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  1. Kind of makes me glad that my mobile records all calls. Good luck!
  2. That's what I've done before. Most of our inspectors are ok if you let them know when they board. But as you know we're not supposed to refuse a child travel. Which company in London are you with btw?
  3. I'm a bus driver in Brighton and we get abuse all the time from passengers, however if this version of events is true then the driver's behaviour was totally unacceptable. We are told down here in a confrontation not to leave our cab. I can't speak for First but our buses also don't have sound on the CCTV, although that will most likely be changing soon. It does sounds like someone with an attitude problem and if he didn't see you get up then saying hold on is a perfectly fair point. The stairs are one of the worst blind spots from the cab as there is very little camera coverage (We have
  4. Pay the fine online direct to the council if you can. Then they cannot refuse it. You do not have to deal with the bailiff.
  5. One of Bruce Dickinson's solo tracks in the period when he had left iron Maiden. A bit of a slow one about the death of the sun. Has Adrian Smith on lead guitar too.
  6. Yeah maybe. I'm just thinking aloud really (or is it in print?) to see how wide this can be exposed.
  7. Because he has a guest column in The Sun and needs the print inches. Either that or as someone posted before, Richard Littlejohn would probably go for something like this. Another idea is the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 as he has some good debates.
  8. I did this today. Someone standing upstairs and I wouldn't move the bus til they came down. Unfortunately foreign students are the worst culprits for this as often they just don't respond when you tell them something.
  9. Hey Crotalus. The Sun sometimes have Jeremy Kyle as a guest columnist. I think he has an email address with them. Perhaps that would be a good one to send the story to?
  10. Don't worry Tezza the court won't order you to pay more than you can afford. Or if they do you can apply for a variation order. Best sit tight and see what comes through and go from there.
  11. This is the sort of thing that probably sits in their office churning out threats. It makes them happy. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46083[/ATTACH]
  12. This is First Group we are talking about, a company that I would much rather did not exist at all. I work in the bus industry and know what they are like. Let them go jump off a cliff.
  13. Was it a debit or credit card? Maybe you should have a word with your bank about a chargeback for the excess amount.
  14. Incidentally do you have a bolt on the door? That should deal with any locksmith as they can't get through dead bolts.
  15. Damn right. One of our drivers posted the following conversation on the mighty fb today: "Excuse me that baby has been crying for 20 minutes or so. Can you not ask the mum to get off?" "Excuse me?" "The baby. It's crying" "Yeah?" "Can't you ask them to get off. For the comfort of the other passengers?" "No. I'm not gonna ask a woman to get off with her baby. Because its crying. It's a baby. They cry" "We'll, what am I supposed to do?" "It's a nice day. Walk" Who do you work for btw?
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