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  1. Hi all just wondering if anyone ever got to the bottom of the strange world of Black Lion Law/ James and Becketts/ Heenans.....IMHO very effective PPI claims sink...burying thousands of genuine PPI(recruited online) claims on behalf of the banks.... My complaint to the Ministry of Justice/FOS was a waste of time...the referee has long since left the playing field .. thanks and good luck all
  2. yes, i have written and thanked my mp already, however it will have been a phone call not a letter. Also today they DWP miraculously confirmed that my 2 month fitness note was indeed that... WITH TOTALLY UNPROMPTED CALLS and offers to post further payments today. Reverse gear has truly been found... I however reserve judgement on which if many, one or all the tactics worked and would advise anyone to use all routes. You may have an inconsiderate mp. I wil ltry to scan the dwp dpa letter on here so people can see how they squirm. bla bla bla rant rant rant micko
  3. It is easy to really feel victimized by the system but again i would repeat i bear no ill will to all the hard working people who do really good jobs at the DWP mick
  4. I received a letter today from a gentleman from the dwp information and Records Management Service. The letter is really cool(NOT) IN THE WAY HE ASSUMES NOBODY IN THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT AUDIT TRAILS. I quote "It would be unreasonable and unrealistic to expect a data controller(DWP here) to sift through every recorded call held in the hope of identifying those to which an individual customer might have a right of access." This is an enormous assumption about peoples ignorance with regards to IT integrated systems. They enclosed a form in which i was asked to be more specific about my
  5. yippee 3 weeks money arrived this morning. I think they have misread a 2..month fitness note for a 1 month fitness note ..I will write today to pull them up. but it certainly is a positive cooked greasy breakfast me thinks.. will keep updating
  6. Today I received 4 letters from the DWP the most significant stated that i was entitled to benefits from the date i finished working. The money has not yet appeared in the bank however. Another was more atos forms to be re submitted. another one was the standard request for another sick note but all the dates are wrong ....looks like panic has set in... no time for fat ladies singing as i am nearly nine weeks without payment. but it does seem like something might be happening. and i do not know if the sar , the complaint or the mp intervention worked..... and we dont know yet if any has w
  7. Had my 2pm appointment.... explained the situation exactly as on here... he took a copy of my letters and was disgraced. He knows the organisation my sister works for and also said that their past experience confirmed that DWP did keep telephone audit trails. He told me it would be a few days until he got back to me but that they would not be going through the normal channels and would go straight to a management level. all in all i was quite pleased and hope this escalates the matter , nearly 8 weeks now with benefits stopped. I will soon be hiding behind lamposts lol
  8. hi martin i addressed it to the DWP at the jjobcentre both the SAR and the complaint letter recorded delivery. cheers
  9. got an appointment 2pm morrow with mp's office. lets hope that can help a bit they sounded keen to help...fingers crossed ...will post on here after app..cheers
  10. Also in my experience the medicals themselves were never overcrowded and all was quite civil. I was just shocked that the guy who told me not to bend because of the pain i was in wrote the opposite in the report.
  11. slight cross purposes going on here wishface has started a previous thread which has been overlooked i just bumped it ok
  12. i just realised your previous posting has had no replies this happens sometimes i have tried to bump it up.ie previous thread sorry
  13. penalty charges forum and money saving expert are both also good consumer forums hope this helps
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