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  1. Another update: I have just been out in the car. It drove for 2 miles and then the exact same thing happened. Check gearbox highlighted on the dashboard and the car went into limp mode. I am absolutely outraged and i feel i have been conned out of my hard earned money. I will speak to CAB tomorrow and go from there. Either way, i am not getting fobbed off from a dealer who claims to have been in business 25 years and believes is above reproach based on his selling practises. Again, any help you can offer would be appreciated.
  2. Just to update you further: I had a diagnostic check done on the car this morning and it revealed various faults, one of which relates to the gearbox issue i encountered and also a couple more relating to the multiplex and oxygen sensor. The mechanic who did the test said that with the multiplex error and oxygen sensor, this can be a couple of things but nothing to be really concerned about. He also said that these codes could have been stored for a while. However, the fault code for the gearbox indicates (by the mechanic) that the fault would have been present at the time of pu
  3. Thanks for your relpies so far. It's true, I bought the car knowingly with the airbag fault and as it was stated in the advertisement, I would not have any comeback on that. However, to my knowledge, airbags and gearboxes are not linked, so this is a undescribed fault which would have been present at time of sale and undisclosed. If this fault had occurred 2000 miles after purchase then maybe I would have accepted it and not be seeking address but after 100 or so miles, there must be some blame to be had with the dealer? I will have the car diagnostically checked today and
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum so i'd like to say hello and hope that someone can help me. I recently purchased a second hand car (18/05/12) from a Dealer. I spotted the ad on ebay so went to look at the car. I test drove it ( 2-3 miles), liked it and bought it there and then. The ebay ad stated there was a fault with the airbag light and because of that, it was reduced in price.I fully accepted this. The ad (which i still have a copy of) said this: UNFORTUNATELY WHILE IT HAS BEEN STOOD IT HAS DEVELOPED AN AIR BAG FAULT AS IN PIC AIR BAG LIGHT IS ON. SO WE ARE NOW OFFERIN
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