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  1. Regardless of whether you bought the car seen or unseen, the legal system is on your side. It doesn't matter how minor anything is, at the end of the day they described the car to you, you bought it and it was not sold "as described". The benefit here (I know it's hard to see one) is buying from a dealer gives you so much more protection than buying from a private seller. Immediately contact the Office of Fair trading, put in a complaint against the dealer. Explain how uncooperative Alan is being to resolve this. Like you said you wouldn't buy a laptop that was described as perfect working order, but had a faulty touchpad despite being able to use a USB mouse. You paid a good sum of money for it and even though it's second hand, for the asking price you would expect the dealer to have it in excellent condition. Do not stand down, plenty of people get done by dealers but can never be bothered going through the process of getting back what they are owed!
  2. So email Three mobile explaining that under the SOGA they have an obligation to ensure that the phone is in satisfactory condition, I mean the phone is in excellent condition...the only time I have found that a phone would not be repaired for free is if the screen was cracked but that isn't the case.
  3. Just got a reply from HTC basically saying that they can't see a mechanical fault, but yet haven't opened the phone up. What is my stance on this? Anyone?
  4. Also remember that any other charges Quick Quid apply to your loan amount are unlawful. By law its the original loan amount, original interest and default fee. Any other charges are unlawful and can never be justified. Do some digging into how much you're paying exactly.
  5. Hi there. First thing that comes to mind is the Sales of Good act. It was not sold as described, like you said you were not aware of the dents etc when you initially bought the car, even the miles. First thing to do is send a formal letter highlighting your issue, just as you have described here. Highlight that you are giving him 14 days to respond with a resolution otherwise you will have no choice but to forward your dispute on to a solicitor. Also state in the letter that you will be getting in touch with The Office of Fair Trading as he is in breach of set regulations that govern the sale of used cars. It does not fit the description. In the meantime do some research, here is a link for ya http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/car-buyers-guide/cbg_legalrights.html
  6. Hi all. Just looking for a bit of advice. Let me just start off by saying that in May 2012 I got a HTC One X from 3 mobile on a 24 month contract. Just in the last month I started having issues with the screen, there were noticeable black flickers going across the bottom and side of my screen. I went into the three store to ask if I can send it off for repair as the warranty on HTC's is 24 months. They explained that for samsung and htc they no longer send it off for repair anymore, I have to contact the manufacturer directly to which they gave me a telephone number. Got home and called the number, arranged for UPS to pick the phone up (20/08/2013). In the time I was waiting on the phone being picked up by UPS, the left hand side of the screen went totally black. Just to note also the phone physically is in excellent condition, there are no scratches on the screen from using screen protector and there are no chips or cracks. I believe the LCD is leaking which has caused this. Now almost 2 weeks later I track my ticket number on HTC's website and it says "hold for quotation". Giving me three options, first of which is to pay £152 for the cost of the repair , second option pay £26 for the diagnosis and send me the phone back in its current condition. Or let HTC dispose of my phone. Naturally I phoned them up to find out why they are expecting £152 for a repair that should be covered under warranty. The girl on the phone said that the engineers have put my phone on hold because they believe the phone is void of warranty, but also explained that they can't physically remove the screen from the phone until I agree to the repair cost. How on earth do they come to the conclusion that my phone is void of warranty if they haven't even opened the phone up to look?! As I've said, the phone physically is in excellent condition, has been very well looked after. I am waiting on someone from HTC calling me back just to confirm that the repair centre have concluded that my phone is void of warranty, but surely they are being WELL out of line here? HTC One X's are very well known to have screen issues such as this, my phone was from one of the first batches but the girl on the phone can't tell me anymore until the engineers finish their so called "diagnosis". My question is, where do I go from here? Provided the situation is that HTC are still adamant that my phone is not covered by warranty despite there being no physical damage? Can I pursue my service provider for this under the Sales of Goods act? Any advice and input is very much appreciated! spud
  7. Fantastic, I am so thankful for the advice on here. I will prepare a sar but I won't be able to send that until late next week, I will however draw up the letter demanding the removal of OSC and DLC, and start the process for reclaiming the money back from them. At the time when I had taken these agreements out, even though I have no home insurance, they would not let me take the goods without OSC and DLC, and would not let me get quotes for myself to cover the items. I presume in this case its a variation of mis-selling. spud
  8. Fantastic, I will quickly type up a letter using references from one of the sticky's on this site and post it up here for checking over. I don't think I have copies of the previous agreements I had with BH, including the one which was paid off. Is it possible to get copies of them from BH Head Office? spud
  9. I won't be speaking to them face to face or over the phone, everything from now on will be through EMAIL or LETTER. One question about reclaiming OSC, about a year and a half ago - 2 years ago I had 3 agreements with them, 1 of which was paid off in full and the other 2 handed back into the store. Am I able to claim back OSC on previous agreements or just current agreements? spud
  10. Thank you all again for your replies, they have been very helpful. Ann-marie, I have been in touch and they have been kind enough to allow me a "break" in order for me to get to the end of the month. However, when I phone up to make a payment to clear the arrears I fear they will try and get me to pay the OSC and DLC which as stated in Brighthouse's terms and conditions, they "lapse" when the account is not paid on the due date. If it's the case that they will not accept a payment WITHOUT the OSC and DLC attached, then I am afraid I will not be making a payment. I don't see it necessary to email your team as I am writing a letter to head office with my demands anyway, but thank you nonetheless ann-marie.
  11. Hi everyone Thank you so much for replying so quickly, been a fantastic help. Hopefully someone posts that can provide a proper template for me to use when sending a letter to their head office, in the meantime when Brighthouse expect me to pay at the end of the month, I will make it noted to them that I am unwilling to pay for the OSC, DLC and late charges in my current arrears. Would a letter to the retail store in my city suffice to cancel the insurance? Or does it have to be the head office? Thanks again.
  12. Thankyou again for your reply, as suggested I will wait until another member pops in with any further information.
  13. Thanks I will prepare a rough template to send to them and copy and paste on here to get any recommendations. One more question, am I still able to keep the items (paying for them as normal of course) without the DLC too? I do not have home insurance.
  14. Thank you very much for your reply. With writing to the store that will mean my account will fall further into arrears as they will obviously try and enforce the late charges and/or insurances. Is there a template of some sort I could use to send? What would happen with the arrears whilst I am objecting the late charges and insurance charges? Thanks again
  15. Good afternoon all. Just a quick run down of the problem I'm facing at the moment. I have been going over various posts on the forum and just want a few things clarified before I go any further. Firstly I will start by saying I am currently 2 weeks in arrears with Brighthouse. At the moment, the total cost of my agreements (including OSC) comes to £31.45. When I call up at the end of the month to make a payment, am I right to object to paying the OSC? They will charge me a Late Payment charge of £4.50 per item (£18 per week). As far as I am aware, the OSC renews each week a payment is made, so being in arrears therefore means the OSC should NOT be included in the payment I make at the end of the month, is that correct? My next question is, how do I go about cancelling OSC? I do not have home insurance, Brighthouse have stated to me that unless I have home contents insurance to cover the items, I have no choice but to take the OSC. Is this correct? Lastly, the late payment charges that are applicable to my 2 weeks arrears, can they lawfully be justified by Brighthouse, or can I contest this when I phone up? Thank you for you help much in advance!
  16. This is why i want to pay £40 a month, because it was my fault that he now has this on his credit file, clear it off as quickly as possible. I just wasnt sure how to go about it. I knew not to phone the debt collectors, any kind of template i can use as a guide when writing to orange on this case? again thanks so much for your reply.
  17. Hi all, thanks in advance for any advice or help. I will start off by saying this is actually my cousins phone contract, about 2 years ago he took it out and then decided he no longer wanted it anymore.. . at the time I was on pay as you go and suggested that I take on the contract and the phone for him rather than him paying 2 contracts. about a year ago now I was offered a really good deal from three mobile, and decided to take on a contract from them. I contacted orange in order to reduce my contract cost per month, and unfortunately the woman I spoke to was very rude. Stupidly, I told her because of the attitude shes giving her customers they wont get another penny from me. Stupid I know, because this is in my cousins name. My fault from the very start. needless to say I completely forgot about it, and recently my cousin got a letter from moorcroft demanding 358.63 for the remainder of the contract. My first dilemma of course is my cousin is constantly on my case asking whether its been paid yet or not (I explained to him I will sort it out and pay it off in due course) because he isn't all "clued up" on debt collectors. I know that (in scotland anyway) debt collectors have absolutely no legal authority whatsoever, and moorcroft are essentially just trying to intimidate my cousin and me. I know what my legal rights are, my cousin however thinks hes going to be taken to court in 14 days etc etc etc, I have tried explaining all this to him but of course he is still hysterical. My second dilemma, I am willing to repay this.. . however I am on a very low income. Zero hour contract at work means I am not guaranteed a set amount of wages each week. I am at most willing to pay £40 a month towards the debt, I just need a letter set up detailing this in order to get this in motion. I wont be able to pay £40 until the 8th of June this year, so again I need this included in my letter. I'm not very good at letters when it comes to dealing with debt collectors, I know not to phone them because they don't really care what I have to say, and more importantly I wont have evidence of anything they say. can anyone offer maybe a template of something I can send tomorrow? or any advice? Thank you so much in advance.
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