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  1. Does nobody have any advice on this? I will send off my letter to the bank and post my outcome.
  2. Does no one have any advice on this?? I am in the proccess of drafting up my letter to the bank using the template letters and posts from people on this site. However there doesn't seem to be anyone that has tried to claim this last few months that has posted. I am going to try in any event and would be so grateful for any advice, ideas of cases and support from the site.
  3. Hi there, I have been considering writing to Lloyds to try to reclaim bank charges dating back 6 years on a current account i have now closed with them. I have researched alot on the forums and of course since the 2009 ruling, gernerally payouts are only to someone in hardship. I have been through all bank accounts statments and highlighted, totalled the charges and now had=ve to draft up a letter stating my hardship and reasons why i think i shoud be reimbursed. With regard to hardship, i have not been made redundant, been terminally ill or anything like that but felt the charges upon charges put my in a very difficult position and am going to write on that basis. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  4. Just read this thread and was hoping for the final outcome too. Did you get an increase in your negotiations?
  5. Hi there, I was in a very similar situation with this company too. I took the loan of £200 in December, couldn't pay and they insisted the only thing i could do was pay over 12 months. £80pcm. That was £900!!!! My head was stuck in the sand and i was so stressed with debt i agreed. I paid 5 months and then asked for a reduction in payment. The guy on the phone told me at the beginning of the conversation he couldn't reduce the monthly payment. By the end of a 20 min conv, my payments had been reduced to £40. Luckily, i had some help off a family member to pay the debt. When i was trying to negotiate a settlekment figure on the "outstanding balanace" of £560, i was told numerous times they couldn't settle for less. I spoke to another operator who gave me a settlement figure lower than this, then talking to her some more without persuation, she reduced it further and i paid them a settlement of £260. I ended up paying more than i had anticipated when takling the loan but i was just so pleased to have the amount they wanted cleared, and more so, them off my backs and out of my inbox!! My advice, tell them you have no assets and that it is worth your while filing bankruptcy or applying for an IVA but that you would much prefer this not to happen. I found after months of trying to email, sending recorded deliveries, it go me nowhere so best to speak to someone. I know i was lucky enough to have some cash help and if you can afford to pay the loan plus the initlally agreed interst, i would try to negotiate as much as with them on the phone. Also, definately get a complaint filed with the FOS. This company uses bullying tactics only and are very immoral. I wish you all the luck and do hope you can negotiate with them.
  6. Also, i am goin to try to reclaim the charges from my current account and my credit card account. SHould i merge these two claim and make them one or calculate my claims and claim and write seperately for them?
  7. Hi there, Jhaven't poslted for while as have not yet got round to writing to Lloyds since they sent all statements from my credit card andc urrent account. I am going to be claiming purely for a refund of bank charges, overdraft additional charges and have come to a halt as to what to do next due to the time lapse. I've read back through this thread to refresh my memory, and thanks for the advice so far IMS. However, just looking for some further advice. Do i have to go through all of the 6 years accounts and simply write a "list" stating the transactions that incurred charges, that i feel i should be reimbursed for and the reason why i feel this (individiual reasons fo each?). Then of course stating my hardship case? Or is there some sort of template table i can use to list the charges then simply write a covering letter setting out the main reason why i think i should be reimbursed? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there, I've not been on the site for a while but have made some progress with the payday loan nightmoare. It hasn't been the outcome i had expected yet i am hoping by letting you guys know my experiences with various companies, it may help others to deal with them too. Payday Express. Wrote and emailed this horrible company many times to try to negotiate a repayment plan and asking that they communicate with me via email. I explained to them i had financial difficulties due to a loss of income. They continued to call me more than 10 times per day, leave messages, sending various emails every day. They stated to me that they had received my written communication but that i did not fit their criteria for a repayment plan. Even though i disputed i had a large reduction in incom but as i hadn't lost my job or was terminally ill, i didn't apply. Cash Genie. I had been paying this company a roll over figure of £60 every month for a year, stupidly, on an original £200 loan (the amount i received was actually £180 as they had deducted a fee for sending the payment!). I wrote to them recorded delivery in June asking them to look at my account, and, as i had paid so much already and in recent months, paid £90 per month to them for a few months and only had £90 remaining off the original debt, i asked them to first of all waive the amount outstanding or if not, let me have a repayment plan. I did not receive a reply to this letter so emailed continuously until finally i had an email response from someone who told me that they could not waive the amount nor set a plan but would hold the amount for a further month without fees (i had said i was looking into debt advice and would get back to them to give me some grace). This loan is now paid and the advisor was prompt with emails and without harrassment for that last month but no negotiations. Funnily enough too, i have today received an email from another employee acknowledging my letter by recorded mail on the 22nd June but that they couldn't helpme as i had repaid the loan on the 19th July!!! Joke!!! Swift Sterling. Sent them a letter in June the same stating financial difficulties but kept getting emails telling me they do not offer repayment plan although if i pay the loan off, i could reloan within 2 hours. This is what i had been doing all year!!!! Sent a really stroppy email threatening ombusdman etc and finally got an email from someone in the collections department stating that although they couldn't reduce or negotitiate, he would hold my file for one month at his discretion (!!) to allow me some time to find out about debt consolidation. He was very apologietic that i had not been getting a response and that no one was listening to my original emals but again, no luck with the amount owned being converted to a repayment plan. Capital Lending. Offered them a repayment plan. The said my offer pf payment per week of £5 was too low but if i paid the interest they would roll over. If i didn't, i could stil pay the £5.00 per week but their default and interest charges would be incurred (how that would help i have no clue as it would have been pointless paying the £5.00. They pressured me to let them know when i could increase the payments so finally i called them to try to negotiate a settleent figure. I owed them around £100 and they had increased this to over £160 with interest charges by the time i paid them the agreed settlement figure on the 19th July of £125.10!! Payday UK. As with most of the PDL's above, no sympathy and ended up payin them the full amount outstanding plus interest that they put on after i paid late!! NDR/TOOTHFAIRY/Marshall Hoires NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!! As many posts on here have suggested, what a cowboy company. I was paying them £80pm. After sending a letter by recorded delivery that was ignored and continually receiving threatening letters of bailiffs i had to call them to avoid my partner finding out about the debt. The guy on the phone told me he couldn't reduce my payments and suggested i lend money from friends/family to pay the £80 for this month. In the next breath, he reduced my payments down to £40pm but of course the loan term would be double. I paid £40 into their bank account manually and forgot to put my telephone number on the paying in slip so they could allocate the payment to my account. This takes 7 days with a reference apparently, ridiculous. They did dispute my payment and said they could find no trace and i had difficulties convincing one person i had paid and he told me it would take a few days to try and trace the payment even though i had told him what time and date it was paid into their account. Suddenly, a different operator on a different call confirmed she had located the payment. I then proceeded to try to negotiate a settlement figure. The amount left was £560 and of course, they couldn't reduce my monthy payments a week earlier. Then miraculously, i agreed a settlemnt figure of £260, then £220!!!!! Am concerned with everything i had heard about these cowboys that they will try to say i still owe them money!! Wonga and Quickquid. Have set up repayment plans which are going to take me an age to repay but they have both been amiable to plans evenually. Wonga asked me for income and expenditure then when i sent it, simply kept emailing me settlement figures. I am lucky that a family member helped me out with a cash loan and i have been able to offer these companies a pay off. My partner does now know about my debts and has been fab in helping me sort and pay some off too. I have so woken up to these cowboy companies and would urge anyone to seek help if in financial difficulties from another source such as debtline, CAB etc rather than pdl's. Also, i paid each and everyone of these companies maually into their bank accounts direct and have had to stop using my bank account in the fear that they may try it for payment if it is in credit. With regard to Barclays and my complaint about continuous payment authorities, i complained to the managing director and got a call and letter from a complaints manager stating that these payments can not be stopped and Barclays would not stop them from sending me overdrawn then charging me! Joke. I want to thank each and everyone of the members on here who have advised me. Before i found this site, i was at my wits end and it was only with the encouragement of others and knowing i wasn't the only one in this situation, that gave me the confidence to approach these companies even before i had the luck of some cash to pay them off. I am still going to be paying back some of the debt of the PDL's for over a year and other debt alot longer, this debt occured as i couldn't pay nomal payments when the PDL's were sucking my account, however onwards and upwards. Thank you again and good luck to anyone trying to deal with these companies. They should be banned as they are not safe lending streams nor moral. xx
  9. Hi loz in sorry i can't shed anymore light on most of the companies, we are only in debt to two of the same. Similarly to you, pay day UK have accepted an arrangement from me. I am having the same problem with pay day express. Numerous calls despite the harassment letter, standard emails rather than responses to my own etc. I just wanted you to know that you are not on your own and if i make any process with pay day express, then i will certainly post on here. Good luck
  10. Thx Jon, i called them and was told they don't have a record of my correspondence. Will give me the good will of letting me half my monthly payment but of amuse it will take double the term of repayments. They pay i owe 560 yet if i pay 260 today this will close the loan. All my concern is the door step callers and the notice on my credit report. Did they put one on urs?
  11. Will post a more detailed update later today on my call from the bank and pdls. Any one got a suggestion what i can quickly email back here. Tooth fairy. Have send them emails and recorded delivery letter to them asking to accept a payment plan and to explain their numerous costs, listed in my first post. Have a email this morning from Marshall etc threatening door step callers and extra costs unless i pay full amount today. Any advice would be would appreciated, so worried about this one
  12. Thx rene. Any advice anyone with regard to a response to phone calls and refusal to negotiate by email?
  13. Hi thre. Ok so email off to VBarclays last night and await their response. It's payday today and although there is no money in the account they have details for, am worried that they will try other accounts now! I have had a response to my payment plan request from one pdl customer service dept stating that they have passed on my email to collections yet they will not arrange a repayment plan any way than over the phone! Why pass my email on i ask. Any advice on what to email them back to pursuade them to communicate via email? I am also sure that i will receive some phone calls in work tomorrow from a couple of pdls. Any advice on what to say to them. It may be embarrassing as colleagues will be the room with me.
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