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  1. Have you looked into this...... https://www.southernwater.co.uk/newstart or this.... https://www.southernwater.co.uk/water-direct https://www.southernwater.co.uk/watersure-tariff
  2. 1 the solicitors were the Executor, the firm closed down years ago, the firm who are dealing with this mess has taken over keeping the wills, deeds and monies in the client account of the old firm, but have not bought out that company 2 No my sister wasnt named, just a beneficiary amongst many others(many who have since died) including myself and another sister 3 myself, my youngest sister and my middle sister(3 of us) plus many who I do not know, I do not have a copy of the will
  3. My sister has had a letter from the solicitors who are now dealing with what is left of my late uncles will, I would like any help/info that you can give me due to the following..... My uncle died in 1997 and when his estate was sorted and the bequests were given out the solicitors kept a sum of money back to pay any taxes and for a headstone (not even sure if a headstone was ever sorted) We have a few times been trying to chase up the final statement of what needed to be paid from this money and to date we have been given the run around Now they are trying to sort it out...more than 20 years later! Sounds like gold digging but will any money left from this fund accrue interest? And is there any recourse for us as they have taken so long?
  4. I do NOT like the upgrade, I can't find what I want, the colours are too bright, it's irritating in presentation and content! Where has the bear garden gone to? Where is the 'new' posts button? Just been on the forum a few mins and I am getting eye strain, please please please tone down the cream background and the lighter posts panels, if this continues I am going to have to restrict my use/reading of this forum...I do not need the pain of eye strain I am getting!
  5. So many are stocking up just in case of shortages after brexit, do you think they are right or not?
  6. When you sort out this court thing maybe look into this......https://www.southernwater.co.uk/newstart
  7. Depends on each company as of when they close applications, I applied to SSE in October and was accepted
  8. They have contacted me and said it is up to me to claim on my insurance!
  9. The flat above me is empty at the moment, the leak was caused by workmen getting it ready for the next tenant
  10. For the second time this year there has been a leak from the flat above me, first time was not much damage and was stopped fairly quickly Today the damage was more extensive, lucky no plaster work damage but it has stained the ceiling in my bedroom from window to almost the ceiling light fitting and from the wall opposite my bed to the light fitting as well, plus a small amount of decorative damage in the kitchen. I wasn't offered any help to dry out my bedroom, window been open all day and heating on, it still smells damp and musty And no help to repair the paintwork on the ceiling, none offered either for the first leak either. Do the HA have a responsibility to repair the damage at all please?
  11. I am trying to build up my stock cupboard , not for brexit really but for the coming winter!
  12. I advise finding another place to live, it sounds like a totally illegal let!
  13. Did you not pay for the router when you started your broadband account with BT? I had to.
  14. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bowel-cancer-screening/fob-test/ The samples are not handed over to your gp practice, they are sent in a sealed envelope to a lab.
  15. Are you sure it is the freeholder that has blocked access to the gate not someone who lives on the street who wants to stop people going past their home?
  16. PUIP assesments are not recorded, they have not provided any recording equipment
  17. They have the right to breath, debatable! They have a right to knock on your door, but you do not have to answer it, nor do you have to give any info such as name and if you have a tv they have no right of access, and it is extremely rare that they apply/get warrants to enter and search! Anymore letters file in the bin!
  18. Depending on the area it might not be JSA that she has to apply for but Universal credit, she might be able to apply for Employment support allowance, not sure she would get any help with housing costs unless she can prove, with a contract,that she is paying rent to her partners mother. To see if where she lives is on Universal credit not JSA.....https://www.gov.uk/guidance/jobcentres-where-you-can-claim-universal-credit https://www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/how-to-claim For PIP, DLA is only given to children now, https://www.gov.uk/pip/how-to-claim
  19. Sparks_


    Some of the debts are up to 20 years old, some people are even saying they were not on benefits when these debts occured!
  20. Sparks_


    I advise that all the time, doesnt stop the dwp taking money off benefits before they have proved the debt exhists!
  21. Sparks_


    I see so many people on here and on many FB pages that are saying that the DWP say they owe an amount of money for various reasons, but when challenged the DWP are unable, sometimes, to say what the debt is from but still say it has to be repaid! Is it not time that this was challenged? How can anyone be it an individual, company or government agency say you owe this amount but we are unable to show you proof?
  22. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dwp-request-for-personal-information
  23. I dont understand? It is a housing association flat, cant find anything that refers to anything about this, other than there is a service charge included in the rent, part of which is covered by housing benefit, the part that is for heating and hot water isnt and i have to pay that
  24. Hi, you need to hide your personal details on that letter
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