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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll use the FOS and FSA. I shall serve them notice of 8-weeks notice before I take to FOS now.
  2. Hi dx Yes, I did but I wanted to start a new thread so my complaint doesn't get lost in the others. I will follow this through and welcome any support or shared experiences. I have given them until this afternoon for a response or I will speak with the FSA. I have previously sent two emails asking for resolution and called 9 times without a single call back. I will of course advise on outcomes whether from them or through the channels I will use to challenge Dial a Rod. If I can stop them [causing problems] other people then I'll be happy. Jason
  3. Dial a Rod [problem] I am posting this far and wide so other people do not get [problem]med by this company. I have had a number of other unhappy customers and suppliers contact me as a result. If you wish to add your weight to the complaint, please contact me at The Property Insurer (I cannot give email address here as I have never posted before) - I will take this as high as I need to go and believe the FSA is the correct organisation to complain to as it takes care of insurance regulation. The below I posted yesterday and despite numerous calls, still no satisfaction - avoid! AS y
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