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  1. Thank you big fish, i did see some numbers on their old statements, will definatly check this out this week though... I never got around to sending the sar last year as we have been so busy but I suddenly thought about it again and am going to try and get the ball rolling sending SARs etc... even though I dont hold much hope as I know these accounts date back to the late 80's early 90's.. will be following your thread with interest though. Many thanks
  2. Sorry will keep to this one thread from now x Thank u all I will send a SAR to them and see what response we get.
  3. Hi everyone My partner has received a letter from Barclaycard regarding his ppi claim. They have made an offer of approx £1600. This amount equates to the ppi he had paid from 2006 to 2007 (He did cancel the ppi in 2007 as he questioned it back then and it was discovered it was not needed). Barclaycard have stated in their letter that they only have records dating back 6 years and if we are able to find any old statements they would be happy to recalulate the offer. Has anyone else had this experience or have any advice on what we should do? My partner has had
  4. Thank you silverfox1961 so I work out the interest they charged me per month and add that onto each individual charge? Sorry im so confused by it all!!
  5. My account is still active at present, the balance is £500. Im so confused as to how to work this out as I dont have every single statement and some months do not know how much I spent on it.... is there a simplier way of doing this?
  6. Dear all, I got a little carried away recently trying to get the ball rolling in claiming back ppi and looking at my old statements I thought I would try and claim back some late payment/overlimit charges on my accounts.. I sent a letter to Barclaycard requesting my charges back with an attached spreadsheet of the individual charges and dates, which tallyed up to approx £700, I think I have made a huge mistake as I calculated 8% interest on each individual charge from the date of the charge to the present date.... making the total to around £1000 with interest. Have I got this a
  7. Ok will try a SAR for them, thanks ims21 x
  8. Hi all, I was speaking to my mum and dad regarding ppi and they had ppi on at least 5 loans from hfc in the 80's/90's. Is there any way of accesing old account numbers? I know its over six years old but just wondered is there any other way of trying? Many thanks xxxxx
  9. many thanks for your help. It is the smile credit card charges i will be trying to claim back... sorry should have said that before xx
  10. Hi, if anyone could help id really appreciate it. With thanks to this website I am starting the process of claiming late payments and missold ppi i have had over the years. I noticed on mine and my other halfs credit file that it does not go back as far as I would like to as I am trying to find details of older accounts post 2001 up to 2004/5. Does anyone know if you can access this anyway? I can roughly remember some of them but not all. many thanks xxx
  11. Hi all, I have sent off my SAR for all of my late payment and overlimit charges on my account. As this account is still open do i still add 8% interest onto each individual charge? Or is this different as it is not ppi? Many thanks xxxx
  12. Hello everyone, I am putting all my ppi charges from my Barclaycard into a spreadsheet. I am just wondering as this amount was added onto my account monthly is it correct to add the 8% interest onto each single payment? It seems alot, for example a £26.38 ppi charge on my account one month in 2004, now has £21 interest on it? so this makes the claim 47.38? is this right? I have been paying ppi for many years on this account and this would add up to quite a high figure. Many thanks for any help in advance xxx
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