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  1. Hi renegadeimp, thank you for the heads up. The reason pdl's are my priority besides rent is that I have arranged a repayment program with my cc already, my od is still interest free and the pdl's are expecting money on the 28th and I aim to avoid a default with these companies if at all possible. I have a bit more trust in my bank and with my credit card than with these pdl's, hence why I want them out of my life asap. Just out of curiosity in which way are they breaking OFT guidelines? I have specifically not made any telephone calls to these companies, just going by what p
  2. Good morning everyone, This is my first post on here although I have been reading various threads from people relating to pay day loans etc. I currently have two pay day loans, a credit card and a grad overdraft: Quickquid - 875 Wonga - 581 Credit card – 4600 (£200 per month payment plan arranged) Grad OD – 1650 My main priority at the moment is to deal with the PDL’s. I have spoken to national debt helpline who advised me to cancel my debit card, write letters to my bank and pay day companies to cancel the continuous payment authority etc which I h
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