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  1. lapsed workaholic, i did sign the sigin book - but it will prove that i was late, secondly the work programme provider raised a doubt with DWP 15 MINS before i turned up - how do i play this shall i say i was ill - where will that lead- will they just sanction me- i am also a carer for my elderly mum and she picked up this nasty flu too so i was dealing with paramedics the night before and checking up on her the day of the work programme appt. my impression is they are itching to kick u off jsa and sanction u- waiting for u to slip up
  2. lapsed workoholic, letter is from DWP- asking why i didnt attend appt. work programme provider raised a doubt with DWP because i turned up late
  3. Hi all , i have been attending work programme for over a month - and was late for an appointment due to a heavy cold and my provider decided callously to raise a doubt with DWP. recieved a 'good reason letter' asking why i dint attend work programme appt.- how can i successfully challenge this and avoid a sanction. help would be very much appreciated guys!
  4. Hi all, I completely agree with you Slick132,as soon as they realise they cant milk you dry they move on to other prey so to speak. However, i have been considering the issue from another angle ,officially my initial relationship was with BC and my agreement is with them. They have decided to sell the debt on, but sureley they must be bound by certain regulation as to whom they sell it on to. When they sent me a letter informing of the assignment of the debt ,it sounded very defensive,making it clear they had right to sell on. I was looking through the Lending Code which reputable companies subscribe to and it clearly states in - Debt collection agencies and debt Sales- 228 'Subscribers should follow a due diligence process when selecting 3rd parties for debt management, which should include 3rd party compliance with data protection legislation,consumer credit legislation,office of Fair Trading guidance on debt collection and debt management and the code of Credit Services Association' In Dx's research he found an article,earlier in thread-homes and property article, where Link had been clearly Censured by the office of Fair trading in relation to their aggressive debt collection. Can i complain to Barclaycard, in response to their recent letter, giving me notice of assignment of debt,that i am unhappy/object with the assignment on the basis# that the office of fair trading has had to discipline them . Since they are a subscriber to the the LENDING CODE do they have to review their decision in selling it to Link. Do i have any rights here. Barclaycard have tried to reassure me in their letter they are a reputable company but surely that has to be substantiated. Help/feedback would be much appreciated
  5. Hi all, Thanks feedback Dx, i apologise for peppering you with questions but why do you think sold it on ,dont want to deal with it anymore -they feel unlikely get money back .Is this a good sign they are trying to offload it. I thought they sold because dont want to deal with hassel and make some money selling it on. is SAR-Subject access request- what info will that give me thanks
  6. Hi all, Dx that was a useful artical,quite grotesque in fact-taking advantage and exploiting peoples misfortune. So how do u think they will play it, will they let me pay my nominal repayment of £5 a month for a short period and then apply for a ccj and try to enforce the judgement aggressively./Or will they persue ccj immediately. If they manage to get a judgement ,can they collect contractual interest after the judgement even though i have all interest and charges frozen.Apparently creditors cannot get contractual interest on consumer credit agreements ,is this true? Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, Slick 132 that sounds like sound advice. However if i hang up will that not antagonise them? As soon as i started getting into difficulties contacted them to freeze all interest/charges and accept nominal repayment-they accepted. Slick why do you think Barclaycard keen to sell it on,or are Link just an in house entity? Much appreciated
  8. Thanks for the guidance guys, The debt £10.5 k, not cca'd bc . i have always managed to get penalty charges waived . had a few late payments.Didnt take out ppi. Dx what do you think reason barclaycard sold it on.Definately keeping letter safe citizen b,if they call ,how do i establish written communication with them only, thereby avoiding constant calls. much appreciated .
  9. In letter Barclaycard sent me - 'This letter is notice of agreed assignment of the debt. This means we will close your account with Barclaycard and you will receive contact from Link finanacial Outsourcing Limited.' Originally paying £5 a month . i have been making payment now for 6 months. They say Link will honour repayment arrangement
  10. Hi all, My account has been transferred to Link Financial Outsourcing Limited. Has anybody had any dealings with them . Feedback would be much appreciated. Are they difficult to deal with? Thanking you advance
  11. ims, in the sense if you arrange/negotiate to pay by small token instalments, can they still continue to charge interest,especially if they have secured judgement-i think it is known as contractual interest after judgement
  12. Hi all, Can someone tell me why all Money claims as of March2012, moving to Northampton county court. Arent all the big banks usually based there or have i got it wrong,seems a little convenient doesnt it or am i being a touch paranoid.
  13. Thanks alot for the advice guys, very useful.The hardship letter,Slick, will hopefully give them something to think about.Much appreciated Sometimes it just shocks me how banks exploit interest-keeping people stuck in debt,compounding away-almost oppressive.
  14. Hi all, Anyone have the latest information on contractual interest .Are creditors getting away with charging it.If creditors refuse to freeze all interest and charges as part of negotiated instalment offer, what is best approach- is it to seek a time order-do most orders freeze interest in the agreement/or automatically freeze interest.Is there any difficulty being granted time order and having the interest frozen. Thanking you in advance
  15. Thanks for this guys really useful.Also as a connected issue what do you make of contractual interest.Are creditors getting away with charging it .Interesting to have some feedback. Much appreciated guys
  16. Thanks for this guys,all very useful.Just as a side point,the account is an old one-so credit card agreement circa 1993-is it likely to be enforceable-aware of reconstitued agreements.Before taking the plunge with offer letter and acknowledging the debt in writing,thought i would pass this by you. Also, one of reasons got into debt on account in first place, is suffered at the hands of 0% Balance transfers and transfer with least interest always paid of first-i think the law changed on legality of this recently ,as they have changed policy on this.Can i dispute this on the account and claim interest on this retrospectively, if things get messy. Much appreciated guys.
  17. This is all really useful advice. I think probably the best approach from the sounds of it is to make a monthly offer of payment based on my income and outgoings.My only concern is however do they have to freeze all interest and charges as part of the arrangement. How does this issue usually play out, can they be resistant and play it hard. Also if they secure an arrangement with me do they usually persue CCJ -how would the courts view this-i am acknowledging the debt and making small payments however small.-would they want it legally formalised or keep it informal. Much appreciated guys.
  18. Can someone give me some direction on Barclaycard debt, cant keep up with minimum payments. How is this going to pan out. How shall approach this, shall i negotiate with them and offer to pay by instalments. Thanking you in advance.
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