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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financial-crime/9735694/Former-Farepak-director-William-Rollason-accused-over-accounting.html
  2. Cheques are in postal system as of today. Dividend has risen from 32 pence to just over 35 pence in £.
  3. No worries Hils. I have emailed liquidators today to ask for exact date of printing and as soon as I know I will post here. Suzy
  4. Cheques supposed to be starting to get printed this week. You should expect to receive it towards end of October.
  5. Thank you Hilary. It has been a very long (almost) 6 years! We are not finished yet though. Unfairpak have managed to obtain a couple of transcripts from the directors trial - the HBOS transcripts and we are seeking a legal opinion on same! I cannot promise anything but we are still not giving up Enjoy your cheque when it arrives and if you have any problems at all either post here or you can get me over on Unfairpak or suzy@unfairpak.co.uk Suzy
  6. Hi guys I sit on the liquidation committee representing Agents and Customers and just had this thread brought to my attention. I see Michael has very kindly posted the up to date information from the liquidators. The cut off date for receipt of claims was extended until the end of August to give everyone a chance to claim if they had not done so already. No further claims will be received now as cut off date has passed. The cheques are supposed to start going out this month. As soon as I have confirmation that cheques are going out, I will come back and let you know. If you need any advice on Farepak etc we can assist you also at www.unfairpak.co.uk/forum. Regards Suzy
  7. Prosecution due to rest today and Stevan Fowler to start giving evidence. 7 directors each with 3 days of evidence set down. Gonna be a long 21 days of evidence from Directors you call follow @scotsgirlie on Twitter or www.unfairpak.co.uk for updates!
  8. The case against the Farepak directors begins again this Tuesday, 12 June and Unfairpak will be following same. In the meantime, please feel free to read our blog updates at www.unfairpak.co.uk where we have been blogging pieces of the skeleton arguments for both the Insolvency Service and the Defendants.
  9. Alternatively, we would love new members to join us on the forum where we have archives dating back to 2006. If you wish to register please come along to www.unfairpak.co.uk/forum enter your details and an Administrator will activate your account.
  10. Twitter have resolved the issue with our @unfairpak but we are still using @scotsgirlie with all blogs coming out from @unfairpak which you can read on the Unfairpak website and submit comments if you like.
  11. Court will recess from today until Tuesday 12 June when the trial of the directors will continue.
  12. Please email me if you are happy to speak to the media regarding Farepak. I really need volunteers. I cannot put my link up because I am not over 10 posts yet but I will try it this way suzy @ unfairpak . co . uk obviously just join it up thanks.
  13. Just to let you know that the Trial begins to hear evidence as from tomorrow. Hopefully we should be getting more tweets coming from court once the evidence starts to be laid out!
  14. We are running with our @scotsgirlie Twitter account as Twitter has not resolved our @unfairpak account. The directors trial got under way yesterday with opening submissions from Insolvency Service acting on behalf of the Secretary of State. Defendants opening submissions to be heard in Court today. We are blogging at the end of each day but I still obviously cannot link links as I have not completed 10 posts. If you go to the link that CitizenB has posted it will take you straight to our website and then click on NEWS/BLOG and you will find all the information that you need.
  15. Unfortunately for some reason our @unfairpak account on Twitter has been suspended. We are querying this with Twitter and trying to have it restored as soon as possible. If anybody wants to follow on Twitter, I am using my private account @Scotsgirlie just now to re-tweet information posted by the press. We are, as always, updating our forum with any press articles and shall continue to do so. If anybody requires any help regarding the liquidation of Farepak then please come to our Forum and Suzy will answer questions as she sits on the Liquidation Committee. She is bound by a confidentiality agreement so there may be questions that she cannot answer but she will always do her best to answer what she can.
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