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  1. Thanks, yes they said that my claim had no chance of success and that I should withdraw it . I just find it annoying
  2. We have now progressed to PHR and the threatening letters have started coming. Surely it is not right for the respondents to use intimidation or scare tactics in this way?
  3. I am making an actual Appeal, it has long gone past the deadline for the review so I thought I should put in the Appeal which has a stricter deadline. Does this make sense.
  4. Thank you this is very helpful I found the Teinaz case but not the O'Cathail one I will read up on it. Could you provide any guidance as to how it needs to be structured? I have the following headings 1. Decision(s) being appealed against 2. Particulars 3. Grounds of Appeal 4. Legal pleadings and citations(????) does this make any sense? Once again thank you for your help
  5. I am still struggling to put this appeal together.....did I say I have 24 hours left ! I seem to be making progress however some questions come to mind. Would the decision I am appealing against be limited to the refusal to adjourn on health grounds or do I also appeal against the subsequent decision to strike out part of my claim in my absence? HELP!!!!
  6. I applied on the 10th of September which was refused on the grounds that medical certificate was inconclusive and letter from GP only stated how I was feeling on the day. My daughter then re applied on the 12th of September with a revised letter from my GP asking for the hearing to be postponed to give him time to get a better control of my physical and mental health and she also attached a letter from the hospital confirming my admission to hospital under the care of the Pain Management Consultant. This was also refused on the grounds that it was an old case and the hearing needed to take pla
  7. Please help I currently have claims for race/disability/sex discrimination and unfair dismissal pending at the ET. Back in April I attended a CMD (i'm self representing) at which the judge deemed half of my issues out of time, she said after trying to persuade me to use these as background information but when I insisted that it was not out of time as it was a continuous Act of discrimination that I should sent to my employers a list of the issues I still wished to pursue and they in turn should request a PHR. She went on to give a time table for all the events that needed to happen and the
  8. Thank you Ibruk, on reflection I came to the same conclusion the issues deemed out of time are really bad so I can see why they will threaten me in this way.
  9. Help!!!!! ]I am a disabled single parentm I was made redundant following a restructuring which happened while I was off sick, I put in claims for disability discrimination, sex and race discrimination and Unfair dismissal. I recently attended a CMD (I am self representing) and the judge said that part of the issues I asked the tribunal to deal with were out of time and that I could use it as background information or by a certain date inform the respondent if I still intended to pursue the claims that were deemed out of time. I Informed the respondent that I wished to pursue these claim
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